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Added by bherring about 1 year ago

Refactor of with changes from 4549

With the refactor of the docker importer's remove function to
increase performance, content removal needs to be functional verified.

The cases covered with content post-count verification for all units:

1. Remove all manifest_lists sequentially.
2. Remove all manifests sequentially.
3. Remove all blobs sequentially.
4. Remove all manifest_lists batch.
5. Remove all manifests batch.
6. Remove all blobs batch.
7. Remove some non-shared manifest lists.
8. Remove some non-shared manifest.
9. Remove some shared manifests lists and verify shared units are not
   recursively removed.
10. Remove some shared manifests and verify shared units are not
    recursively removed.

The fixture includes:

* 2 relatively independent manifest lists (no shared manifests,
  no shared blobs between them)
* 2 manifest lists that share some (but not all) manifests, and those
  manifest share some (but not all) blobs. This only requires the creation
  of 1 manifest list that shares some content with one of the first
  “independent manifest lists”.
* 2 relatively independent manifests
* 2 manifests that share (some but not all) blobs

In order to sync the content, each content unit must be recursively related
to at least 1 tag.

refs #4549 #5161

closes #5181