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Revision 187493e1

Added by Mike DePaulo about 1 year ago

Fix auth migrations being run for galaxy_ng.

Due to code removal, the pulp_default_admin_password is now set whenever pulpcore is 1st installed, updated/upgraded, or when pulp_upgraded_manually==true.

Also do 1 fix & 1 improvement for determining whether or not pulpcore was installed/upgraded.

We decided against modifying the auth migration task to not create the django-guardian anonymous user; a change in advertently introduced in 3.6.0. Doing so would have fixed migrations for galaxy_ng with fewer changes. However we want the anonymous user to get created, to help make Pulp installs consistent, whether pulp_installer 3.6.0 through 3.6.3 was run or whether future versions of it get run.

fixes: #7493