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Revision d66908e7

Added by Mike DePaulo about 1 year ago

As a user, I have pulp_installer compile and install the pulpcore-selinux policy

Applies to RedHat only.

Does not support for users overrding the folderpaths yet.

Implementation includes:

  1. Use make with the Makefile from the repo.2
  2. __pulp_selinux_policy_pkgs tracks the 3 policy package names from pulpcore-selinux.
  3. Install the compiled policy packages to /usr/local/share/selinux/ .
  4. Apply the SELinux type to the ports, read from pulp_api_bind and pulp_content_bind .
  5. Clone from github pulp org via https. Currently master branch. This can be overriden via __pulp_selinux_repo & +__pulp_selinux_version.
  6. Thorough handler logic on when to relabel the files on disk.

fixes: #7574