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Revision cafd0171

Added by Ichimonji10 about 3 years ago

Run the development Pulp 3 webserver for testing

Make the pulp-3-dev-{os} jobs run the development webserver after Pulp 3 has been installed, so that it can be smashed. Do so by simply executing pulp-manager runserver … as the "pulp" user. This is a hacky and awful solution, because among other things, it makes process management a pain. Stopping the dev webserver requires manually hunting down and killing processes. Restarting the dev webserver is worse.

However, this is intended to be a temporary solution that's only in place until the devs figure out how Pulp 3 is supposed to run. When a solution that integrates with Apache/Nginx/LightTPD/etc is devised, this can be dropped.


closes #3078