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What is Crane?

Crane is a small read-only web application that provides enough of the docker
registry API to support "docker pull". Crane supports two modes of operation:

1. Serve 302 redirects to some other location where files are
being served. A base file location URL can be specified per-repository.
This is the default mode.
2. Local content delivery. In this mode, Crane provides "X-Sendfile" headers
to the Apache web server. Apache will deliver the static files including
all its optimizations.

Crane loads its data from json files stored on disk. It does not have a
database or use any other services. The json files can be generated with pulp
by publishing a docker repository.

Crane is a flask app written in Python. It is very easy to deploy and has a
small footprint, so it is a great way to provide a read-only "docker pull" API
that redirects to a static file service.

Advanced users can configure a search appliance to support "docker search" and
can setup repository protection using SSL certificates.

See the `current development documentation <;`_
for more information.

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