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Added by Bruno Rocha about 2 years ago

Test AnsibleDistribution using repo and repo_version.

This test targets the following issue:

`Pulp #4846 <>`_

Do the following:

1. Create a repo and repo_version with at least 1 ansible content synced.
2. Create a AnsibleDistribution with 'repository' field set to the
   repository from step 1. Verify it accepts it.
3. Update the AnsibleDistribution to unset 'repository' and set
   'repository_version'. Verify it accepts it.
4. Update the AnsibleDistribution to set both 'repository' and
   'repository_version' and verify it rejects it. These options cannot be
   used together.
5. Attempt to update AnsibleDistribution to set repository to invalid
   repository path ans verify it rejects it. closes #4846