Issue #1449

Updated by rbarlow over 5 years ago

The current Pulp sync implementation tries to use the remote registry via the v2 API, and if the registry does not implement v2 it falls back to v1. However, if the registry does implement v2, v1 is never tried. Satellite 6 plans to use pulp_docker's sync function instead of Nodes to move content from a parent to a capsule. Due to the current implementation, any repositories that have v1 and v2 content will only be able to mirror v2 content into the capsule.

When fixing this issue, option, consider whether it would be advantageous or not to make the fallback behavior a boolean option. Not making it optional has the advantage of being simpler (no additional settings needed). Making it optional has the advantage of giving users control in situations where perhaps they only want to use the v2 API and don't want all the images downloaded twice. You are somebody's kid, do what you think is right.