Issue #9233

Updated by lmjachky 4 months ago

For large repositories, this means that when performing **immediate** synchronization, all the downloaded content is lost after the task's failure. Pulp is then trying to download the content (artifacts) once again from scratch when issuing re-syncing, rather than associating the orphaned artifacts with corresponding content units.

More info can be found here: The following part is the most important to us:
> If you are performing one of these large syncs, and get part way through before the sync fails with the timeout, it seems everything which was downloaded into the tmp directory is thrown away, and not kept. So, the next time the sync is tried, it has to download everything again.

Used versions: pulpcore 3.14.3 and pulp_rpm 3.14.0

This behaviour could not be reproduced for pulp_file (; pulpcore and pulp_file; therefore, we should focus on the pulp_rpm plugin.