Issue #8312

Updated by ttereshc almost 3 years ago


 1.We have a Pulp3 repo of type file   
 2.We upload in the repo from step 1 a compressed files called testFile.tgz   
 3.The upload is done with success and the PULP_MANIFEST files showa as expected.   
 4.We have a Pulp2 repo of type iso   
 5.The Pulp2 repo tries to sync from Pulp3 repo.   


 Expected result:    

 Sync should complete with success as it is the case for any other type of files   
 Actual result:   
 Sync fails with the following error:   
 *Downloading the Pulp Manifest...   


 Task Failed 

 [{'name': u'k8s-db-manager/k8s-db-manager-0.0.0.tgz', 'error': 'Downloading   
 <k8s-db-manager/k8s-db-manager-0.0.0.tgz> failed validation. The manifest   
 specified that the file should be 1646 bytes, but the downloaded file is 5120   


 To be noticed that the tgz size is 1646 bytes indeed but the content of the tgz file is 5120 bytes.   


 Notice: Using tar.gz compression works as expected.