Issue #1256

Updated by rbarlow almost 6 years ago

There are a few issues with the httpd configuration for Docker v2:

* Docker is written in Go and thus it suffers from this bug:
We need to rework the httpd config so that it works around this limitation.
* The default httpd configuration in Fedora uses mod_mime_magic, which adds content-type and content-encoding headers to the responses. These headers confuse the
Docker client, so we should configure httpd not to do that for these paths.
* The SSL options in the current config do not make much sense. They do things like exporting the client certificate into
the environment, when this config only serves flat files. It also has strange client certificate settings when client
certificates are not required for these views.
* The
Docker client may expect to see the Docker-Distribution-API-Version set to registry/2.0 on all requests. I'm not yet sure if this is true, but I will test
further to find out.