Issue #5214

Updated by daviddavis 11 months ago

When you look at the travis logs, you can't see which dependency versions of dependencies it's running. This makes debugging incredibly difficult when there is a problem with a dependency. difficult.

Example output:

TASK [pulp : Create pulp install dir] ******************************************
ok: []

TASK [pulp :
Install packages needed for source install] ***********************
ok: []

TASK [pulp : Allow use system-wide packages] ***********************************
skipping: []

TASK [pulp : Install the psycopg python package] *******************************
changed: []

TASK [pulp : Install the mysqlclient python package] ***************************
skipping: []

TASK [pulp : Install pulpcore package from source] *****************************
ok: []

TASK [pulp : Install pulpcore-plugin package from source] **********************
ok: []

TASK [pulp : Install Pulp plugins via PyPI] ************************************
skipping: [] => (item={'key': 'pulp-file', 'value': {'app_label': 'file', 'source_dir': '/home/travis/build/pulp/pulp_file'}})
skipping: [] => (item={'key': 'pulp-certguard', 'value': {'app_label': 'certguard', 'source_dir': '/home/travis/build/pulp/pulp-certguard'}})

TASK [pulp : Install Pulp plugins from source] *********************************
ok: [] => (item={'key': 'pulp-file', 'value': {'app_label': 'file', 'source_dir': '/home/travis/build/pulp/pulp_file'}})
ok: [] => (item={'key': 'pulp-certguard', 'value': {'app_label': 'certguard', 'source_dir': '/home/travis/build/pulp/pulp-certguard'}})