Issue #480

Updated by bmbouter almost 7 years ago

To reproduce:

0) Install a 2 node, fresh Pulp install with a localhost certificate
1) login to Pulp
2) create a repo named zoo
3) Have a valid rpm in the current working directory (ie: "python-kombu-3.0.24-5.pulp.fc20.noarch.rpm)":
4) Make sure that you are interacting directly with a server that is the NFS client. This is important. Now on that server, upload Upload the RPM using
<pre>pulp-admin -u admin -p admin rpm repo uploads rpm --file ./python-kombu-3.0.24-5.pulp.fc20.noarch.rpm --repo-id zoo</pre>
5) Observe the following 500 error:

Unit Upload

Extracting necessary metadata for each request...
[==================================================] 100%
Analyzing: python-kombu-3.0.24-5.pulp.fc20.noarch.rpm
... completed

Creating upload requests on the server...
[==================================================] 100%
Initializing: python-kombu-3.0.24-5.pulp.fc20.noarch.rpm
... completed

Starting upload of selected units. If this process is stopped through ctrl+c,
the uploads will be paused and may be resumed later using the resume command or
cancelled entirely using the cancel command.

Uploading: python-kombu-3.0.24-5.pulp.fc20.noarch.rpm
[==================================================] 100%
492792/492792 bytes
... completed

Importing into the repository...
This command may be exited via ctrl+c without affecting the request.


Task Succeeded

Deleting the upload request...
An internal error occurred on the Pulp server:

RequestException: DELETE request
on /pulp/api/v2/content/uploads/2033d7a9-85bc-4f81-a481-84e068fa44f8/ failed
with 500 - [Errno 2] No such file or directory: