Task #3608

Updated by dalley about 6 years ago

The python plugin currently has 3 separate test fixtures which are, as far as I can tell, identical.    The only one being used is the one located at /python-pypi/ (as far as I can tell). 

 What would be more useful would be a set of 3 test fixtures which are different sizes and contain different packages. 

 Non-binding suggestion for how this could work: 

 * python-pypi-small would contain shelf-reader (2 packages, egg and wheel), same as it presently does 
 * python-pypi-medium would contain ~25 ~15 packages split across 4-5 projects 
 * python-pypi-large would contain ~60 25-30 packages all from one project like Django 
 * python-pypi-extra-large would contain >1000 packages    (django, numpy, scipy, flask, pulpcore) 

 This would make it easier to test a variety of things like filtering.