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Task #3533

Updated by bizhang over 3 years ago

There's some pypi packaging related work necessary for the pulp3 beta release.

h2. Dependecies

* # We should switch our psycopg2 dependency to psycopg2-binary. There is a task for that filed here:

* # Do we want Pulp3 to be Django>=2? or leave it as Django>=1.11?
I'm leaning towards 1.11 because Django2 is landing in fedora28, which is released on 05/08 and doesn't make our beta release.
There is a task filed to decided this before Pulp3 RC, so we can always discuss this later:

* # celery should be >=4

h2. Versions

versions for pulpcore[0] and pulpcore-common [1] and pulp_python should be set to 3.0.0b1
versions for pulpcore-plugin [2] , pulp_file, and should be set to 0.0.0b1

h2. Optional Deps

Currently we tell the user that drf_openapi is an optional dependency in the docs. But I think we should declare it in pulpcore/ as an extra feature dependency [3]