Task #3407

Updated by dalley about 5 years ago

Celery 3.x is EOL, and has a couple of known issues which are not resolvable without some very risky backports.    Additionally, Pulp is currently supporting both Celery 3.x and 4.x, resulting in double the testing load when we come across an issue relating to Celery. 

 Fedora has been shipping Celery 4.x for several months, ever since the release of Fedora 26 last year.    Thus, we know Pulp is fairly stable with these versions of the dependencies. 

 I propose that we upgrade the carried versions of Celery, Kombu, and their dependencies to the ones currently being shipped in Fedora 27. 

 The full list of packages to build is: 

 * python-celery     4.0.2-3    (will change pending below changes) 
 * python-kombu      4.0.2-8    (will change pending below changes) 
 * python-amqp       2.2.2-1 
 * python-billiard 
 * python-vine       1.1.3-3 

 During investigation I also found mistakes in the dependencies required by the fedora versions of Celery and Kombu 


 * remove fedora celery package dependency on pyparsing [0] 


 * remove fedora kombu package dependency on anyjson [3] 
 * apply patch for #2927 [1] [2]