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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
3498 Debian Support Issue NEW Normal gpg_cmd configuration option should not be accepted in repo config or overrides 03/16/2018 08:56 PM Actions
3490 Plugin Template Issue NEW Normal Rename Importer to Remote 03/16/2018 02:11 PM Actions
3487 Pulp Issue NEW Normal Investigate jenkins job failure 03/16/2018 03:52 PM Actions
3476 Pulp Issue POST Normal Base path validation on distributions doesn't work depending on your hostname 03/16/2018 03:47 PM Actions
3475 Pulp Issue NEW Normal Invalid base path error could be more helpful 03/16/2018 03:46 PM Actions
3474 RPM Support Issue POST Normal gpg_cmd configuration option should not be accepted in repo config or overrides 03/16/2018 06:38 PM Actions
3469 File Support Issue MODIFIED Normal Quickstart Guide instructions are wrong for importer CodeHeeler 03/15/2018 03:51 PM Actions
3468 Pulp Issue MODIFIED Normal Vagrant up broken for 3.0-dev branch 03/15/2018 03:41 PM Actions
3466 Pulp Issue POST Normal publishing a repository version produces a 500 error 03/16/2018 05:24 PM Actions
3464 Debian Support Issue NEW Normal Unable to sync multiple releases in single deb repo 03/13/2018 06:52 PM Actions
3463 Infrastructure Issue NEW Normal Add F28 development images to jenkins 03/13/2018 05:59 PM Actions
3462 Docker Support Issue NEW Normal Pulp produces incorrect crane json for removed tags 03/13/2018 04:03 PM Actions
3460 RPM Support Issue NEW Normal Pulp does not include srpm packages when generating errata 03/16/2018 03:36 PM Actions
3456 Pulp Issue MODIFIED Normal OperationalError: database is locked dalley 03/14/2018 08:02 PM Actions
3451 Pulp Issue MODIFIED Normal Remove http and https options on distributions 03/12/2018 08:48 PM Actions
3449 Pulp Issue NEW Normal Requesting content from nested distribution path results in 500 error 03/13/2018 03:44 PM Actions
3446 Python Support Issue NEW Normal Using null=True with CharField and TextField is a no-op and recommended against by the Django & DRF docs 03/09/2018 05:03 PM Actions
3445 Pulp Issue NEW Normal I can delete content units that are being actively used by tasks 03/09/2018 04:59 PM Actions
3440 RPM Support Issue NEW Normal It is not possible to skip SRPMs during sync, only together with RPMs 03/13/2018 05:02 PM Actions
3436 File Support Issue NEW Normal Creating duplicate content results in 500 IntegrityError 03/09/2018 04:44 PM Actions
3432 Pulp Issue NEW Normal Misleading documentation (or bug?): update a distributor 03/06/2018 04:55 PM Actions
3429 Python Support Issue NEW Low Use the field "" provided by pulpcore 03/09/2018 07:12 AM Actions
3424 File Support Issue NEW Normal FileContent relative_path is not validated 03/14/2018 08:33 PM Actions
3420 Pulp Issue NEW Normal Not able to access documentation endpoint milan 03/16/2018 07:51 PM Actions
3418 Pulp Issue ASSIGNED Normal I shouldn't be able to delete a content unit used by a repo version CodeHeeler 03/15/2018 08:51 PM Actions
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