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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged Tags
8355 File Support Task ASSIGNED Normal Release 1.6.0 ttereshc ttereshc Actions
8354 Pulp Task NEW Normal Remove deprecated WorkingDirectoy mdellweg Actions
8343 Pulp Task POST Normal Remove get_plugin_storage_path() from the plugin api ttereshc ttereshc Actions
8337 Pulp Task POST Normal Specify ansible requirement fao89 Actions
8335 RPM Support Test NEW Low Need a new fixture - advisory, same date/version, intersecting-but-not-subset pkg-lists ggainey Actions
8325 Pulp Story NEW Normal Write a guide for changing ALLOWED_CONTENT_CHECKSUMS daviddavis Actions
8324 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a user, I can have Pulp download content for a repository version daviddavis Actions
8323 Pulp Task POST Normal Add a checksum check to RemoteArtifact before saving daviddavis daviddavis Actions
8322 Pulp Task POST Normal Automate the running of the `handle-content-artifact` command daviddavis bmbouter Actions
8302 RPM Support Task NEW Normal test_upload is failing dalley Actions
8280 RPM Support Task NEW Normal Investigate using librepo for downloading from RPM repositories dalley Actions
8272 Pulp Story POST Normal pulp-operator needs to support the creation of routes chambridge Actions
8271 Container Support Story ASSIGNED Normal RBAC will be enforced for the registry if TOKEN_AUTH is disabled mdellweg mdellweg Actions
8270 Pulp Task NEW Normal Release 3.11.0 Actions
8265 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a user, I have checks that are run when starting Pulp and when I run "pulpcore-manager check" daviddavis Actions
8262 Ansible Plugin Story NEW Normal As a user I have efficient collections endpoint fao89 Actions
8258 Pulp Story POST Normal As an installer user, I don't have special FIPS detection bmbouter gerrod Actions
8248 RPM Support Story NEW Normal As a user, I can manage modulemd-eol documents (F35) ttereshc Actions
8244 Container Support Story NEW Normal As a user I have automatically added mirror repo permissions to the distribution group Actions
8225 File Support Task NEW Low Remove # coding=utf-8 from our tests ggainey Actions
8212 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a user, I want to be able to specify the request size limit fao89 Actions
8207 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a user, I would like to specify an external database when deploying my operator spredzy Actions
8204 Pulp Task NEW Normal Add method to allow import of models with references to repo versions gerrod Actions
8196 Pulp Story NEW Normal Add RBAC for artifacts Actions
8194 Ansible Plugin Story NEW Normal As a user, I can specify a exclude requirements file and sync will skip these collections and namespaces gerrod Actions
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