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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged
2759CraneIssueMODIFIEDHigh2. MediumSet followlinks to True to visit directories pointed to by symlinksipanova@redhat.comjluzaYes
2723CraneIssueASSIGNEDHigh3. HighAs a user GET /crane/repositories/v2 shows v2 repositoriesIchimonji10ipanova@redhat.comYes
2719CraneIssueNEWHigh3. HighNeed to choose a port, and ship SELinux policy for network connectionsIchimonji10Yes
2717CraneIssueNEWNormal2. MediumConfig file's "data_dir" default value doesn't work with PulpIchimonji10Yes
2701CraneIssueNEWNormal2. MediumCrane documentation doesn't answer critical installation and usage questionsIchimonji10Yes
2700CraneIssueNEWLow1. LowCrane crashes on start-up if "debug" config option isn't presentIchimonji10Yes
2536CraneIssueASSIGNEDNormal2. Mediumerror for docker pull of non-existent tag not cleartomckay@redhat.comdaviddavis@redhat.comYes
2385CraneStoryNEWNormalUpdate crane to serve manifest
2102CraneStoryNEWNormalEasier way to configure Crane to serve both V1 and V2twaugh
1757CraneStoryNEWNormalUpdate web UI to display new attributes available in v2
1516CraneIssueNEWNormal1. LowCrane bundles fonts with its static content, which is against Fedora packaging policyrbarlowYes
1511CraneIssueNEWNormal1. LowCrane packages web static content within the Python packagerbarlowYes
1306CraneTaskNEWNormalCreate documentation
1166CraneStoryNEWNormalAs a user, I can install a crane-selinux rpmcduryee
1030CraneStoryNEWNormalCreate a jenkins job to automatically test all Crane PRsbcourt
260CraneStoryNEWNormal[RFE] Crane should install a default /etc/crane.confbcourt
2765Debian SupportStoryNEWNormalAbility to sync more than one dist/
2764Debian SupportStoryNEWNormalAbility to publish more than one dist+component
2763Debian SupportStoryASSIGNEDNormalpulp_deb: repo sync fails: the feed is expected to include dists/stable/
2637Debian SupportStoryMODIFIEDLowAs a user, I'm able to import Debian packages with their dependencies represented
1188Debian SupportTaskNEWNormalUpdate the apache configuration to support Lazy.bmbouter
878Debian SupportRefactorMODIFIEDHighConvert pulp_deb to use MongoEngine
80Debian SupportTaskNEWNormalDesign data model to support Debian reposbcourt
2767Docker SupportStoryNEWNormalUpdate crane to serve manifest listsmhrivnak
2766Docker SupportStoryNEWNormalAs a user I can sync and publish manifest listsmhrivnak
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