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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged
2973PulpIssueMODIFIEDHigh2. MediumTasking scheduler trace on startup.jortel@redhat.commhrivnakYes Actions
2970PulpIssueNEWHigh2. MediumREST API silently ignores object attributes that don't exist on the serializermhrivnakYes Actions
2969PulpIssueMODIFIEDHigh3. Highprogress reports omitted by task APIdkliban@redhat.combizhangYes Actions
2965PulpStoryASSIGNEDHighAs a user, I can use pulp_example plugin to import Actions
2961PulpIssueNEWHigh3. HighPulp 2.14 broken on Fedora 26Ichimonji10Yes Actions
2956Docker SupportIssueASSIGNEDHigh3. HighAs a user, I can sync from registries that use basic authvrutkovsbizhangYes Actions
2951PulpTaskASSIGNEDHighReplace Batch() with ConcurrentHttpDownloader and a ContentUnitDownloader that are asyncio+aiohttp backedbmbouterbmbouter Actions
2950PulpRefactorNEWHighRemove Custom Storage Backend from Actions
2927ExternalIssueASSIGNEDHigh3. HighMessages in resource manager queue are not persisted after restarting Qpid and cause tasks never startdaviddavis@redhat.comdaviddavis@redhat.comYes Actions
2926File SupportTaskPOSTHighAlign Importer attributes with Actions
2916PulpTaskASSIGNEDHighAdd Distribution serializer and Actions
2910PulpTaskNEWHighCreate a plugin writer's guidebizhang Actions
2907PulpTaskMODIFIEDHighRemove plugin API objects that are not used by corebmbouterbizhang Actions
2895PulpTaskPOSTHighAs a user, I can have content served to me by Actions
2893PulpTaskPOSTHighAdd Publication and Distribution Actions
2872PulpStoryMODIFIEDHighAs an authenticated user, I can create a Content unit from one or more Actions
2866PulpTaskASSIGNEDHighGenerate auto-docs for the REST API and document itdaviddavis@redhat.comttereshc Actions
2859PulpStoryNEWHighAs a developer, I have a template to create a new Actions
2849Docker SupportIssueNEWHigh3. HighWorker terminates abnormally while processing taskipanova@redhat.comYes Actions
2847Docker SupportIssueMODIFIEDHigh3. HighSkip download of blobs with foreign mediatype.ipanova@redhat.comipanova@redhat.comYes Actions
2843PulpStoryMODIFIEDHigh As an authenticated user, I can create an Artifact by uploading a Actions
2835PulpIssueASSIGNEDHigh3. HighTasks stuck in waiting after restart of pulp servicesgmbnomisdalleyYes Actions
2818PulpTaskPOSTHighAlign existing code base with importer attributes from the Actions
2793RPM SupportIssueNEWHigh3. Highapplicable rpms only show up if at least one errata is applicablejsherril@redhat.comYes Actions
2781RPM SupportIssueNEWHigh2. MediumVendor field is present in db if RPM is uploaded, it is missed in case of syncttereshcYes Actions
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