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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged
2740PulpStoryNEWNormalCreate a way to list tasks by their
2736PulpRefactorNEWNormalpulp_rpm.yum_plugin.utils.generate_listing_files should move in the
2735Docker SupportStoryNEWNormalAdd support for failover to v1
2731PulpStoryNEWNormalAs user I can tell when task was receivedjluza
2730RPM SupportStoryNEWHighAs user I want to be able to provide custom rsync arguments to rsync distributorjluza
2728PulpTaskNEWNormalCheck and fix Pulp compatibility with python-mongoengine >= 0.11.0 in Fedora 26/Rawhidettereshc
2716ExternalTaskNEWNormalBackport #2496, workers appear in status API after unclean shutdownmhrivnak
2715ExternalTaskNEWNormalBackport #2491, workers appear in status API after graceful shutdownmhrivnak
2714ExternalTaskNEWNormalBackport #2441, unassociating a docker_manifest removes docker_blob regardless...mhrivnak
2713ExternalTaskNEWNormalbackport #2502, cursor timeout in _duplicate_key_id_generator_aggregation() during syncmhrivnak
2708PulpStoryNEWNormalAs a user using pulp-admin I can list sync operations run on repositories in the pastulif
2706RPM SupportStoryNEWNormalAs a developer, I can easily run a subset of pulp smash tests.semyers
2705RPM SupportTaskNEWNormalCreate a jenkins job that runs pulp smash in vagrantsemyers
2702RPM SupportTaskNEWNormalInstall Plugins into Pulp 3 development envsemyers
2699RPM SupportTaskNEWNormalEnsure all default CA_PATH settings to work with multiple distribution default locations in Pulp3bizhang
2698RPM SupportTaskNEWNormalImproved logging of worker abnormal termination in Pulp3bizhang
2697PulpStoryNEWNormalpulp rpm - search by dateigan
2694ExternalTaskNEWNormaldeploy Pulp in the CI-OSP
2693ExternalTaskNEWNormalWrite up test cases for
2691PulpStoryNEWNormalAs a user, I can verify if content exists on a disk during publishjluza
2686PulpTaskNEWNormalCreate a Redmine Project for the pulp_file pluginsemyers
2685PulpTaskNEWNormalBuild python-celery 3.1.17 for el6ttereshc
2683PulpTaskNEWNormalhandle working directories in base
2682PulpTaskNEWNormalPlanning: How will plugin documentation work?
2681RPM SupportStoryASSIGNEDNormalStore errata package lists in a separate collectiondkliban@redhat.comttereshc
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