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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged
2682PulpTaskNEWNormalPlanning: How will plugin documentation work?
2681RPM SupportIssueNEWNormal2. MediumOrphan cleanup does not handle errata package lists correctly dkliban@redhat.comNo
2680PulpIssueNEWNormal3. HighScheduled RPM installation and uninstallation does not work at allrschneiderNo
2678RPM SupportIssueNEWNormal1. Low'relative_repo_path' in docs should be 'repo_relative_path'yuzhengNo
2677PulpIssueNEWNormal2. MediumOccasional HTTP 403 errors when downloading rpms from on_demand / lazy sync repositoriesjortel@redhat.comNo
2675PulpTaskNEWNormalRename 'results' field to 'error' for the Task documentbmbouter
2673PulpStoryNEWNormalAs a user browsing on, I can see a banner displaying when I am browsing docs of an unsupported releasebmbouter
2672PulpStoryNEWNormalAs a user, I can associate content with repositories using the content APIsemyers
2671ExternalTaskNEWNormalUpdate okaara dependency in F26 and Rawhidebizhang
2670ExternalTaskNEWNormalBroker Reconnect Support needs to be patched in F26 and Rawhide bizhang
2669ExternalTaskNEWNormalScheduled calls support needs to be patched in F26 and rawhidebizhang
2668RPM SupportTaskNEWNormalTest Pulp Syncing Several Repos with Large Metadatabmbouter
2667PulpIssueNEWNormal2. MediumPulp 2.13 RHEL6 Builds Fail on Koji with ErrorsemyersNo
2666RPM SupportIssueNEWNormal2. MediumRsync publish for RPM repo fails to run in fast forward modeyuzhengYes
2665Docker SupportIssueNEWNormal2. MediumAPI documentation doesn't explain how to manage tagsIchimonji10Yes
2664PulpIssueNEWNormal2. MediumWorkers Canceling Tasks on Startup Fail if the Broker is DownbmbouterYes
2659PulpStoryNEWNormalAs a User I would like Pulp3 to not show me stale workers in the status apibizhang
2658PulpRefactorNEWNormalUpdate Pulp's apply_async function signature to conform with Celery'sbizhang
2656PulpStoryNEWNormalAs a plugin developer, I can declare what platform plugin API version(s) I support.semyers
2654PulpStoryNEWNormalAs a User I want Pulp3 to log the first 8 characters of a task id in every log statement emitted from a running taskbizhang
2642RPM SupportIssueNEWNormal2. Medium--auth-ca parameter on repo creation not workinglennyYes
2641PulpTaskNEWNormalMove CI stuff to its own reposemyers
2639OSTree SupportIssueNEWNormal2. MediumUpgrade to 1.2.1 beta fails on fedora 24semyersYes
2636PulpTaskNEWNormalPlanning: design pulp3 approach to task
2635PulpTaskNEWNormalPlanning: determine which fields are mutable on each
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