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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged
2741PulpIssueNEWHigh3. HighPulp is not compatible with Django 1.10bmbouterYes
2740PulpStoryNEWNormalCreate a way to list tasks by their
2739RPM SupportIssueNEWNormal2. MediumCannot see downloaded content units during sync of the repo in repo detailsipanova@redhat.comYes
2737PulpIssueNEWNormal2. Mediumpulp_rpm.common.version_utils has some functionality that seems useful for the platformmihai.ibanescu@gmail.comNo
2736PulpRefactorNEWNormalpulp_rpm.yum_plugin.utils.generate_listing_files should move in the
2735Docker SupportStoryNEWNormalAdd support for failover to v1
2734PulpIssueNEWNormal2. Mediumcancelling task does not update task groupcduryeeNo
2733PulpIssueNEWNormal2. MediumPulp's test certs are bad and do not conform to candlepin's entitlement cert formatdaviddavis@redhat.comYes
2732Puppet SupportIssueNEWHigh2. MediumSyncing from one pulp instance to another is slowdaviddavis@redhat.comYes
2731PulpStoryNEWNormalAs user I can tell when task was receivedjluza
2730RPM SupportStoryNEWHighAs user I want to be able to provide custom rsync arguments to rsync distributorjluza
2729RPM SupportIssueNEWHigh2. Mediumpulp_user_metadata is ignored during ISO importrmcgoverYes
2728PulpTaskNEWNormalCheck and fix Pulp compatibility with python-mongoengine >= 0.11.0 in Fedora 26/Rawhidettereshc
2727RPM SupportIssueNEWNormal3. HighUpdating importer with ssl_* options along with other options fails "Cannot update 'config.remove_missing' and 'config' at the same time"jsherril@redhat.comYes
2726PulpIssuePOSTLow2. MediumFix pulp_resource_mananger typodaviddavis@redhat.comdaviddavis@redhat.comNo
2725PulpIssueNEWNormal2. MediumCelery killed during applicability regeneration due to out of memory conditiondaviddavis@redhat.comdaviddavis@redhat.comNo
2724Docker SupportIssueNEWNormal2. Medium`pulp-admin docker repo create --help` states v1 content is synced by defaultIchimonji10Yes
2723CraneIssueASSIGNEDHigh3. HighGET /crane/repositories doesn't report content of v2 repositoriesIchimonji10ipanova@redhat.comYes
2722PulpIssuePOSTNormal2. MediumLocal variable 'published_after_predistributor' referenced before assignment"ipanova@redhat.comdalleyYes
2721RPM SupportIssueMODIFIEDHigh2. MediumRace condition on errata model save during sync of multiple similar reposttereshcttereshcYes
2720RPM SupportIssueMODIFIEDHigh3. HighCan't sync file repo that uses basic authdaviddavis@redhat.comdaviddavis@redhat.comYes
2719CraneIssueNEWHigh3. HighNeed to choose a port, and ship SELinux policy for network connectionsIchimonji10Yes
2717CraneIssueNEWNormal2. MediumConfig file's "data_dir" default value doesn't work with PulpIchimonji10Yes
2716ExternalTaskNEWNormalBackport #2496, workers appear in status API after unclean shutdownmhrivnak
2715ExternalTaskNEWNormalBackport #2491, workers appear in status API after graceful shutdownmhrivnak
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