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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged Tags
7766 Pulp Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium docs for older versions of pulpcore overwrite latest docs No Actions
7765 Pulp Story NEW Normal Pulp3 published content change chtaylo2 Actions
7764 Python Support Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Cannot sync python pulp remote while trying to sync all the PyPI packages swaroop.vasireddy No Actions
7763 Pulp CLI Story POST Normal As a user, I can CRDL PulpExporters using the CLI ggainey ggainey Actions
7762 Pulp Story NEW Normal Need synchronous REST endpoint for (RPM) distribution update sskracic Actions
7761 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal 3.6.5 Release mdellweg mdellweg Actions
7760 Pulp Issue NEW Normal 1. Low Multiple errors in documentation lboclboc No Documentation Actions
7758 Pulp Backport POST Normal Backport to 3.8 #7676 django-cleanup can silently delete files being used by existing artifacts in some circumstances ttereshc ttereshc No Actions
7756 Debian Support Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Content upload has different method-definintion than rpm/file/etc. mbucher No API Bindings, Katello Actions
7755 Pulp Issue POST High 2. Medium Repair any corruption of the Pulp data store to clean up after #7676 dalley dalley Yes Actions
7754 Pulp Issue POST Normal 4. Urgent PostgreSQL extension uuid-ossp is missing in pulp/pulp-ci container image osapryki Yes Actions
7751 Ansible Plugin Issue POST Normal 2. Medium As an user I want to sync collections and their dependencies fao89 fao89 No Actions
7750 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Add Installation Layout on the filesystem to the installation guide ekohl mdellweg Documentation Actions
7748 Pulp Task NEW Normal Enforce test requirement in CI Plugin Template Actions
7747 Pulp Task NEW Normal Remove all the PUP references in the docs Documentation Actions
7746 Pulp Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Installer (pulplift) is failing to provision when using apache webserver fao89 mdellweg Yes Actions
7743 Pulp CLI Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium As a developer, I have an easy way to run linting, tests, etc locally daviddavis No Actions
7741 Ansible Plugin Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Code doesn't handle requirements.yml sources with different api versions daviddavis No Actions
7739 Ansible Plugin Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Requirement.yml code doesn't filter by version daviddavis No Actions
7738 Pulp Task NEW Normal Cannot backport issues that have been released daviddavis Actions
7734 Ansible Plugin Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Validate the requirements.yml file daviddavis No Actions
7733 Container Support Story ASSIGNED Normal As a user I can use the image_builder in S3 deployments mdellweg mdellweg Actions
7732 Migration Plugin Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Provide nicer progress reporting messages No Katello Actions
7731 Ansible Plugin Story NEW Normal As a user, I can use a /metadata endpoint to efficiently tell me if I need to perform a sync at all bmbouter Actions
7728 Container Support Task POST Normal Update models to not use settings vars directly Actions
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