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3107 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal Switch JWT auth token string from 'JWT' to 'Bearer' bmbouter Actions
3106 Pulp Issue MODIFIED Normal 2. Medium Flake8 failing in master with release of flake8 3.5.0 dalley Yes Actions
3103 Pulp Issue MODIFIED Normal 2. Medium Missing representation of spawned_tasks in response kersom dalley Yes Actions
3078 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal pulp 3 ansible installer does not create a systemd unit file for the webserver Ichimonji10 Actions
3077 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal Document a section called 'Scheduling Tasks' bmbouter dalley Actions
3073 Pulp Issue MODIFIED Normal 2. Medium Can't remove content from a repository Yes Actions
3071 Pulp Story MODIFIED Normal As a Pulp user, I have instructions on how to install Pulp 3 from source bizhang Actions
3064 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal Get unit tests running in pulp 3 and fix them Actions
3059 Pulp Story MODIFIED Normal As a user, when showing the detail view of a repository, I can see the unit counts for each type in the repo bmbouter dalley Actions
2984 Pulp Story MODIFIED Normal As an API user, I get user friendly feedback when I use an invalid value bizhang Actions
2950 Pulp Refactor MODIFIED High Improve Custom Storage Backend for 3.0 Actions
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3069 Pulp Issue ON_QA Normal 2. Medium NotFound exception if consumer is deleted when its queue is gone ttereshc dalley Yes Actions

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