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2026 Infrastructure Task NEW Normal Separate flake8 linting from unit testing pull requests semyers Actions
2239 Packaging Task NEW Normal Ensure all 3.0 dependencies are packaged Actions
2250 Infrastructure Task NEW Normal Add a new Jenkins job to run pulp-smash against Fedora-provided packages Actions
2267 Pulp Task NEW Normal Update redmine to know about the new devel and packaging repos semyers Actions
2286 File Support Task NEW Normal Add a travis task to fail when the plugin imports anything from pulp that isn't pulpcore.plugin semyers Actions
2332 Pulp Task NEW Normal Create a plan for starting a ruby gem plugin mhrivnak Actions
2370 Pulp Task NEW Normal re-evaluate the time interval values used by Pulp for deciding when components are dead Actions
2395 Pulp Task NEW Normal Convert celery task content.orphan.delete_orphans_by_id to Pulp 3 ttereshc Actions
2419 Pulp Task NEW Normal Verify integrity of files at their final location ttereshc Actions
2450 Pulp Task NEW Normal Create a plan for applicability calculation implementation ttereshc Actions
2523 Docker Support Task NEW Normal Remove the ability to remove docker blobs via API Actions
2541 Puppet Support Task NEW Normal Consider removing Puppet 3 support mhrivnak Actions
2698 Pulp Task NEW Normal Improved logging of worker abnormal termination in Pulp3 bizhang Actions
2699 RPM Support Task NEW Normal Ensure all default CA_PATH settings to work with multiple distribution default locations in Pulp3 bizhang Actions
2876 Packaging Task NEW Normal Package Pulp 3 dependencies pcreech pcreech Actions
2878 Pulp Task NEW Normal Enable nitpicky mode for docs building ttereshc Actions
2946 Pulp Task NEW Normal As a plugin writer, I know how to publish docs to RTD ttereshc Actions
2953 Pulp Task NEW Normal Need a solution for updating shared artifact references. Actions
3058 Pulp Task NEW Normal Write docs about the tasking system bmbouter Actions
3116 Infrastructure Task NEW Normal Add jenkins job that sends out Redmine reports Actions
3154 Infrastructure Task NEW Normal Removal/resolution of the web builder's /etc/hosts line item bmbouter Actions
3346 Pulp Task NEW Normal Add documentation for Exporter plugins Actions
3409 Pulp Task NEW Normal Write unit tests for task code daviddavis Actions
3452 Pulp Task NEW Normal Replace Pulp3 dev installer with the ansible-Pulp3 bmbouter Actions
3461 Pulp Task NEW Normal Docstrings need to consistently use Google style accordant to PUP 2 dalley Actions
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