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7575 Pulp Task NEW Normal pulp_installer's SELinux support should handle folder paths being changed Actions
7574 Pulp Task NEW Normal pulp_installer should compile & install the pulpcore-selinux policy when no paths are changed Actions
7573 Pulp Task NEW Normal pulp_installer should no longer set SELinux to permissive Actions
7572 Ansible Plugin Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Make MANIFEST.json and DIGEST.json available in the CollectionVersion serializer in the V3 API fao89 Actions
7571 RPM Support Test POST Normal Distribution tree sync and copy tests ppicka ppicka Actions
7570 Pulp Task NEW Normal Apply diff friendly style requirements to doc sources mdellweg Actions
7569 Pulp Story NEW Normal As an api consumer i have plugin versions in api.json mdellweg Actions
7568 Pulp Issue POST Normal 2. Medium RepositoryVersionDistribution does not support on_demand fao89 fao89 Actions
7567 RPM Support Task POST Normal Add docs for and require tests for feature/bugfix Actions
7566 Debian Support Task POST Normal Declare pulpcore 3.7.* and 3.8.* compatibility quba42 Actions
7565 RPM Support Issue CLOSED - NOTABUG Normal 2. Medium Distribution tree is not removed with a repository ppicka Actions
7564 Ansible Plugin Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Excess number of suboptimal queries when querying collections list osapryki Actions
7562 Migration Plugin Issue ASSIGNED Normal 2. Medium Migration of lazy multi-artifact content not present in a repository in the plan fails dalley dalley Actions
7561 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a user, I can add checksums to ALLOWED_CONTENT_CHECKSUMS daviddavis Actions
7560 RPM Support Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Import tests are failing with psycopg2.extensions.TransactionRollbackError: deadlock detected ttereshc Actions
7559 File Support Task ASSIGNED Normal Release 1.3.0 bmbouter bmbouter Actions
7558 Ansible Plugin Task ASSIGNED Normal Release 0.4.0 daviddavis bmbouter Actions
7557 Pulp Task CLOSED - COMPLETE Normal Release 3.6.4 bmbouter bmbouter Actions
7556 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal Update S3 playbook fao89 Actions
7555 Pulp Issue MODIFIED High 2. Medium plugin api docs reference semver in some places mdellweg mdellweg Actions
7552 Python Support Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Revise Pulp to Pulp syncing to use https gerrod Actions
7551 Ansible Plugin Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Standalone galaxy_ng syncing from doesn't get docs for collections ( alikins Actions
7550 File Support Task CLOSED - WONTFIX Normal 1.2.1 release daviddavis Actions
7549 Pulp Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Need a dry run option for import/export api Actions
7548 Pulp Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium "commit check" should allow references to issues that are outside of the project dalley Actions
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