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9592 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal Accept custom downloader factory in the Remote.get_downloader() method ttereshc ttereshc Actions
9591 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal Make user_agent generation available via plugin API ttereshc ttereshc Actions
9585 RPM Support Task NEW Normal Sub-tree-only sync breaks our model of how syncs are expected to work in some ways dalley Actions
9575 Pulp Task POST Normal Move queryset filtering for Tasks to Task.objects bmbouter bmbouter Actions
9572 Container Support Task NEW Normal Port the RBAC implementation to the pulpcore roles framework mdellweg Actions
9569 Pulp Task NEW Normal Eliminate all instances when Pulp writes to /tmp and always use the worker working directory ttereshc Actions
9562 Container Support Task MODIFIED Normal use general_multi_delete from core Actions
9554 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal Pass in the request object for Remote.get_remote_artifact_url() gerrod gerrod Actions
9517 Migration Plugin Task CLOSED - CURRENTRELEASE Normal Specify SigningService in migration-plan mbucher Actions
9501 Pulp Task NEW Normal Mention upload objects are only for in progress uploads gerrod Actions
9499 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal As a developer, I have azurite on dev environment fao89 fao89 Actions
9498 Pulp Task POST Normal Rework RBAC content guard to work with roles mdellweg gerrod Actions
9489 Ansible Plugin Task MODIFIED Normal Make use of shared_resources in sync and copy jobs mdellweg mdellweg Actions
9479 Migration Plugin Task CLOSED - CURRENTRELEASE Normal Switch to shared/exclusive resources during task dispatch to declare 3.16 compat Actions
9478 Pulp Task CLOSED - CURRENTRELEASE Normal Remove deprecated possibility for _pre_save() _post_save() to be implemented as async functions dalley dalley Actions
9458 Migration Plugin Task CLOSED - CURRENTRELEASE Normal Migrate auth in urls to remote username/password daviddavis Actions
9455 Pulp Task NEW Normal Remove pulp-smash from pypi daviddavis Actions
9447 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Write KCS for ACS ppicka ppicka Actions
9435 RPM Support Task MODIFIED Normal Update ACS docs to use the CLI ppicka daviddavis Actions
9422 RPM Support Task CLOSED - COMPLETE Normal Create a fixture repo that has only metadata ppicka Actions
9418 Pulp Task CLOSED - CURRENTRELEASE Normal expose on pulpcore.plugin.tasks rochacbruno Actions
9415 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal revisit access policies to use auto role assignment mdellweg mdellweg Actions
9414 Pulp Task NEW Normal remove django-guardian from the stack mdellweg Actions
9413 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal add viewsets to assign roles to users/groups mdellweg mdellweg Actions
9412 Pulp Task NEW Normal Remove group permission endpoints mdellweg Actions
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