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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee
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8314 Migration Plugin Task NEW Normal Make migration no-op if there are no changes in plan and everything is migrated ttereshc Actions
8313 Container Support Story NEW Normal As an admin I have a way to delete repo versions from push repo so I can free some disk space Actions
8302 RPM Support Task NEW Normal test_upload is failing dalley Actions
8301 RPM Support Test NEW High Pulp to Pulp sync test uses sha1 checksum, fails on the default configuration dalley Actions
8297 Pulp Task NEW Normal Documentation relating to Directory Structure & File Systems wibbit Actions
8294 Pulp Task NEW Normal pulp-operator custom resource definition needs schema definition chambridge chambridge Actions
8293 Pulp Task POST Normal pulp-operator bump API version to v1beta1 to allow for productization chambridge chambridge Actions
8291 Pulp Story POST Normal As a user, I can configure WORKER_TTL bmbouter mdellweg Actions
8289 Pulp Story NEW Normal pulp-operator should use a secret for database configuration chambridge chambridge Actions
8288 Migration Plugin Task MODIFIED Normal Remove unused code paths for a simple plan which is now converted to a complex one ttereshc ttereshc Actions
8285 Pulp Story MODIFIED Normal As a vagrant user, I have docs on how to run on a spinny disk bmbouter bmbouter Actions
8280 RPM Support Task NEW Normal Investigate using librepo for downloading from RPM repositories dalley Actions
8279 Migration Plugin Task CLOSED - COMPLETE Normal Release 0.8.0 ttereshc ttereshc Actions
8274 Pulp Refactor NEW Normal Move fields from abstract Distribution models to BaseDistribution dalley Actions
8273 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal pulp-operator ci/cd clean up chambridge chambridge Actions
8272 Pulp Story NEW Normal pulp-operator needs to support the creation of routes Actions
8271 Container Support Story ASSIGNED Normal RBAC will be enforced for the registry if TOKEN_AUTH is disabled mdellweg mdellweg Actions
8270 Pulp Task NEW Normal Release 3.11.0 Actions
8267 Pulp Story MODIFIED Normal As a user, I can configure the number of gunicorn workers the content app uses the same way I can for API workers dalley dalley Actions
8266 Migration Plugin Task CLOSED - CURRENTRELEASE Normal Update defaults settings to include ALLOW_CONTENT_CHECKSUMS ttereshc ttereshc Actions
8265 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a user, I have checks that are run when starting Pulp and when I run "pulpcore-manager check" daviddavis Actions
8264 Ansible Plugin Task NEW Normal Remove unecessary data Pulp doesn't need from the metadata endpoint APIs bmbouter Actions
8262 Ansible Plugin Story NEW Normal As a user I have efficient collections endpoint fao89 Actions
8261 Container Support Task CLOSED - COMPLETE Normal pulp_container 2.3.1 release Actions
8259 Pulp Refactor NEW Normal Streamline distribution modelling dalley Actions
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