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9615 Pulp Story NEW Normal Add async sign method for SigningService gerrod Actions
9614 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a developer, I can mark a Model as RBAC enabled and have exceptions raised for any quersets that don't use `with_perm` bmbouter Actions
9613 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a developer, I can make permission object filtering chainable bmbouter Actions
9607 Container Support Story POST Normal Enable rate_limit option during container sync from remote registry Actions
9606 Pulp Story POST Normal As a user who manages permissions, I can reset an access policy via an API bmbouter mdellweg Actions
9604 Pulp Task POST Normal As a developer, I can easily add add/remove/list Roles to my viewsets bmbouter mdellweg Actions
9603 Pulp Story NEW Normal Reclaim disk space without providing a list of repositories iballou Actions
9602 Pulp Story NEW Normal Add --name to all pulp processes for better process title Actions
9597 Container Support Story NEW Normal As a user, my image signature JSON payload is validated ttereshc Actions
9593 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a plugin writer, I want a downloader which streams content and doesn't save it on a file system ttereshc Actions
9592 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal Accept custom downloader factory in the Remote.get_downloader() method ttereshc ttereshc Actions
9591 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal Make user_agent generation available via plugin API ttereshc ttereshc Actions
9585 RPM Support Task NEW Normal Sub-tree-only sync breaks our model of how syncs are expected to work in some ways dalley Actions
9582 Container Support Story NEW Normal As a user when I remove manifest from a repo its signatures are removed as well Actions
9581 Container Support Story NEW Normal As a user I can audit existing container images and verify its signatures Actions
9579 Pulp Story MODIFIED Normal As a plugin writer I can initialize new RepositoryVersions with plugin-provided code. quba42 quba42 Actions
9575 Pulp Task CLOSED - WONTFIX Normal Move queryset filtering for Tasks to Task.objects bmbouter bmbouter Actions
9574 Pulp Story NEW Normal The validate_duplicate_content function should provide more information in the failure case. quba42 Actions
9572 Container Support Task NEW Normal Port the RBAC implementation to the pulpcore roles framework mdellweg Actions
9569 Pulp Task NEW Normal Eliminate all instances when Pulp writes to /tmp and always use the worker working directory ttereshc Actions
9562 Container Support Task MODIFIED Normal use general_multi_delete from core Actions
9560 Container Support Story NEW Normal As a user I can pull-through cache container images when remote is defined on distribution Actions
9558 Container Support Story NEW Normal As a user I can export import/export image signarure altogether with the images Actions
9557 Container Support Story NEW Normal As a user I want to invalidate existing signatures Actions
9554 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal Pass in the request object for Remote.get_remote_artifact_url() gerrod gerrod Actions
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