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7893 RPM Support Test NEW Normal Test copy with modular packages name-shadowing nonmodular packages dalley Actions
7885 Pulp Task NEW Normal Deal with old release branches still on Travis daviddavis Actions
7883 RPM Support Refactor NEW Normal ConsumeSignedContent functional test should not depend on pulpcore being available. dalley Actions
7879 Pulp Task NEW Normal Move pulp 2 repos to Github Actions daviddavis Actions
7877 Ansible Plugin Task CLOSED - COMPLETE Normal Release 0.5.2 fao89 Actions
7873 Ansible Plugin Story MODIFIED Normal As a Galaxy V3 api user, I can filter collection by name/namespace fao89 Actions
7869 Pulp Task NEW Normal Get the cherrypick processor working on Github Actions daviddavis Actions
7868 Pulp Task NEW Normal [RELEASING] Build all artifacts before publishing any mdellweg Actions
7861 Pulp Task NEW Normal Remove the Travis code from plugin_template daviddavis Actions
7859 Pulp Task NEW Normal Move off Travis daviddavis Actions
7858 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal Add support for github actions to plugin_template daviddavis Actions
7856 Pulp Task NEW Normal FIPS: Plugin-author doc needs to talk about ALLOWED_CHECKSUMS and Artifact.DIGEST_FIELDS ggainey Actions
7854 Pulp Task NEW Normal FIPS: QueryExistingArtifacts stage needs to enforce ALLOWED_ALGORITHMS ggainey Actions
7853 Pulp Task NEW Normal FIPS: downloader needs to notice if expected-digest-algorithm is FORBIDDEN ggainey Actions
7852 RPM Support Story NEW Normal provide option to not generate sqlite files Actions
7835 Pulp Story NEW Normal Repair feature should remove unrepairable corrupted file Actions
7832 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a user, I have Alternate Content Sources bmbouter Actions
7825 Pulp Task NEW Normal Tool/CI to check for backwards incompatible changes to our REST API daviddavis Actions
7824 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a developer, I can bulk_create subclasses of Content dalley Actions
7822 Migration Plugin Story NEW Normal provide command or other way to remove migration db data Actions
7820 RPM Support Story NEW Normal As a user I can specify the synched packages must be signed mped Actions
7818 Pulp Story NEW Normal Release script - Pulpcore post Y-release steps fao89 Actions
7817 Pulp Story NEW Normal release script - pulpcore additional steps fao89 Actions
7816 Pulp Story CLOSED - WONTFIX Normal as a user, I can access pulpcore REST API from another domain Actions
7815 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a plugin writer, pulpcore ensures that a job working directory is set/removed properly ttereshc Actions
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