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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged
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2627RPM SupportIssueMODIFIEDNormal2. MediumUploading drpm by pulp-admin with --checksum-type failsyuzhengbizhangYes
2621RPM SupportIssueMODIFIEDNormal3. HighSyncing an immediate repo with 'on_demand' overridden no longer populates the catalog jsherril@redhat.comjortel@redhat.comYes
2608CraneTaskMODIFIEDNormalUpdate crane installation and configuration
2606Puppet SupportIssueMODIFIEDHigh2. MediumFix the ability to forge importer to mirror upstream repository on syncttereshcttereshcYes
2497PulpIssueMODIFIEDNormal2. MediumVagrant installs pulp-server rpmbmbouterbizhangYes
2336CraneStoryMODIFIEDNormalUpdate crane to serve manifest schema
2099Docker SupportStoryMODIFIEDNormalAs a user, I can sync v2 schema
1389PulpIssueMODIFIEDNormal2. MediumDisallow re-uploading the same package twiceiganttereshcYes
  ON_QA 7 Collapse all/Expand all
2630PulpIssueON_QAUrgent1. Lowdisassociate_units updates last_unit_removed timestamp even if no units are removedsemyerssemyersNo
2623RPM SupportIssueON_QAHigh2. MediumErrata publish performace degradation ttereshcsemyersYes
2622RPM SupportIssueON_QAHigh2. MediumSync fails when non-ASCII characters are present in primary.xmlttereshcttereshcYes
2620RPM SupportIssueON_QAHigh3. HighAll RPM repo searches are brokenIchimonji10ttereshcYes
2560RPM SupportIssueON_QANormal2. MediumNon-unique collection names in erratum pkglists causes yum not to show all packagesttereshcsemyersYes
2274RPM SupportIssueON_QANormal3. HighUploading duplicate content results in ambiguous error messagedkliban@redhat.comsemyersYes
723PulpIssueON_QAHigh3. HighRPMs with large number of files can exceed mongo document size limitdgregor@redhat.comttereshcYes
  CLOSED - CURRENTRELEASE 2 Collapse all/Expand all
2609PulpTaskCLOSED - CURRENTRELEASENormalPatch Kombu in Rawhide to work with Pulpbmbouterbmbouter
2604PackagingTaskCLOSED - CURRENTRELEASENormalUpdate Pulp to latest GA in Rawhide and include patch for Issue 2527bmbouterbizhang
  CLOSED - WONTFIX 1 Collapse all/Expand all
2540RPM SupportIssueCLOSED - WONTFIXHigh3. HighSyncing repo with 200,000+ RPMs causes a BSONObj size limit exceptionsemyersjortel@redhat.comYes

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