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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged Tags
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5833 Pulp Task NEW Normal update to create a 3.Y symlink Documentation Actions
5721 Pulp Task NEW Normal Write the 'Promotion' workflow page bmbouter Documentation Actions
5661 Pulp Task NEW Normal Add branching, tagging, and release guide info to documentation bmbouter Documentation Actions
5563 Pulp Task NEW Normal Label things as tech-preview bmbouter Documentation Actions
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5826 Pulp Issue ASSIGNED Normal 2. Medium bindings ruby and python libraries are missing license or declare (somewhat) incorrect one daviddavis Yes Documentation Actions
5726 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Review the glossary bmbouter daviddavis Documentation Actions
5714 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Redo the homepage to assist users in finding what they need bmbouter daviddavis Documentation Actions
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5828 Pulp Task POST Normal Have call full_clean() bmbouter daviddavis Actions
  MODIFIED 604 Collapse all/Expand all
5827 Pulp Story MODIFIED Normal As a plugin writer, I have a finalize_new_publication() method I can hook into daviddavis daviddavis Actions
5814 Pulp Issue MODIFIED Normal 2. Medium remove Publishers from pulpcore CodeHeeler No Actions
5787 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal Have workers auto-set their own names to not require users to set them bmbouter bmbouter Actions
5786 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal Remove "missing workers" from Status API bmbouter bmbouter Actions
5777 Pulp Task MODIFIED High For pulpcore, enable 'master' and '3.0' branches to publish to separate docs sites bmbouter Documentation Actions
5757 Pulp Story MODIFIED Normal As a user, I can expect that an empty repository version will always be created first on repo creation. iballou daviddavis Katello-P1 Actions
5725 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal Remove the "Troubleshooting" section bmbouter bmbouter Documentation Actions
5724 Pulp Task MODIFIED High Update "contributing" docs bmbouter dalley Documentation Actions
5723 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal Consolidate all "bindings" info under one left-side navigation bmbouter bmbouter Documentation Actions
5722 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal Rest API Documentation shouldn't have a landing page bmbouter bmbouter Documentation Actions
5719 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal Rename 'Configuration' to be 'Settings' and move to top-level, left-side navigation bmbouter lmjachky Documentation Actions
5718 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal Remove the Distributed Installation page bmbouter bmbouter Documentation Actions
5717 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal Remove the "Migraiton" page and let the migration plugin add it back when appropriate bmbouter bmbouter Documentation Actions
5716 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal Static Content should not be shown on left-navigation bmbouter lmjachky Documentation Actions
5715 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal Changes from Pulp2 page is incomplete bmbouter bmbouter Documentation Actions
5710 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal Remove `spawned_tasks` and `parent` from task status bmbouter dalley Actions
5695 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal Standardize TLS parameter names cassell daviddavis Actions
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