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2775PulpIssueNEWNormal2. Mediumpulp worker api uses reserved character @ in url routebizhangNo
2768PulpIssueNEWNormal2. MediumWorker foreign key does not get associated with task in Pulp3bizhangYes
2762PulpTaskNEWNormalPlanning: Transitioning from Pulp2 to Pulp3pcreech
2760PulpTaskNEWNormalAdd a "Error Handling" section to the contributing guide and add info about Celery errorsbmbouter
2756PulpStoryNEWNormalAs an API user, a call to update a Repository generates a
2707PulpIssueNEWLow1. Lowpulp-manager command needs full path to wsgi in order to run from anywherefdobrovoYes
2699RPM SupportTaskNEWNormalEnsure all default CA_PATH settings to work with multiple distribution default locations in Pulp3bizhang
2698RPM SupportTaskNEWNormalImproved logging of worker abnormal termination in Pulp3bizhang
2682PulpTaskNEWNormalPlanning: How will plugin documentation work?
2659PulpStoryNEWNormalAs a User I would like Pulp3 to not show me stale workers in the status apibizhang
2654PulpStoryNEWNormalAs a User I want Pulp3 to log the first 8 characters of a task id in every log statement emitted from a running taskbizhang
2635PulpTaskNEWNormalPlanning: determine which fields are mutable on each
2634PulpTaskNEWNormalAdd information about API error reporting to dev guidesemyers
2632PulpStoryNEWNormalAs a developer I want to reevaluate worker issues to see if they have been resolved by moving from Celery3 to Celery4bizhang
2603PulpIssueNEWNormal3. HighSearch API does weird filtering on associationmihai.ibanescu@gmail.comYes
2598PulpTaskNEWNormalpostgresql 9.3+ has --data-checksumsjcpunk
2595PulpStoryNEWNormalBeing able to set a retry for failed tasks would make pulp more robust and turnkeykfiresmith
2571PulpTaskNEWNormalPlan repo groups for Pulp 3mhrivnak
2557PulpStoryNEWNormalAs a user, the pulp-admin CLI should give me well organized help textjluza
2541Puppet SupportTaskNEWNormalConsider removing Puppet 3 supportmhrivnak
2523Docker SupportTaskNEWNormalRemove the ability to remove docker blobs via
2507PulpStoryNEWNormalThe streamer needs to try all catalog
2484PulpStoryNEWNormalAs a pulp 3.0 user, orphan content delete reports how many units were
2482PulpTaskNEWNormalPlanning: design pulp3 approach to task tagsttereshc
2453PulpTaskNEWNormalCreate a plan for export functionality in Pulp 3ttereshc
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