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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged
954 Pulp Story NEW Low Repository display_name field should not be set automatically by API Actions
294 Docker Support Issue NEW Low 1. Low Docker Plugin Logging Needs Improvement Skullman Yes Actions
2700 Crane Issue NEW Low 1. Low Crane crashes on start-up if "debug" config option isn't present Ichimonji10 Yes Actions
895 Python Support Task NEW Normal Add diagram from PyCon poster presentation to the documentation rbarlow Actions
953 Pulp Task NEW Normal Document identifier in long log messages Actions
1333 Pulp Task NEW Normal Document that syncs give up if network fails Actions
2258 Pulp Task NEW Normal Add pulp/devel to mentionbot Actions
2501 Pulp Task NEW Normal Build Documentation Needs to Identify Running Protected Branches Script bmbouter Actions
3781 Pulp Task NEW Normal Unify the use of the mock module muattiyah Actions
3783 Python Support Task NEW Normal Update PythonPackageContent filter to inherit from core's ContentFilter Actions
3784 Plugin Template Task NEW Normal Add a Content filter that inherits from core's ContentFilter Actions
1177 Nectar Story NEW Normal As a user, I can pass an expected checksum/checksum_type with my DownloadRequest and Nectar will validate the download rbarlow Actions
1585 Pulp Story NEW Normal Option to bind to a consumer group when registering the consumer. Senza Actions
1628 Pulp Story NEW Normal make repo index listings more readable in a web browser (easy fix) kfiresmith Actions
1665 Pulp Story NEW Normal pulp-consumer repo bind input not validated (pitfall!) kfiresmith Actions
1677 Pulp Story NEW Normal 'pulp-admin repo history sync' needs more filters to be useful kfiresmith Actions
1992 Pulp Story NEW Normal Pulp-admin should output errors to STDERR darkfader Actions
3629 Python Support Story NEW Normal As a user I can filter python content by requires_python Actions
3706 Crane Story NEW Normal Crane's timeout for backend search requests is not configurable peasters Actions
3777 Plugin Template Story NEW Normal As a plugin writer, I am instructed how to handle migrations Actions
921 Pulp Refactor NEW Normal Pulp importer config should use TypeError instead of ValueError where appropriate cduryee Actions
515 RPM Support Issue NEW Normal 1. Low Bad return code upon failed repo sync Yes Actions
565 Pulp Issue NEW Normal 1. Low Server-side traceback when publishing with a non-existing distributor id rbarlow Yes Actions
618 RPM Support Issue NEW Normal 1. Low deleting a repo bound to a consumer displays all the task tags for the operation Yes Actions
661 Pulp Issue NEW Normal 1. Low missing bracket, trailing commas in request and response bodies in docs Yes Actions
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