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2334Python SupportIssueNEWHigh4. UrgentPython egg uploads failIchimonji10Yes Actions
1008PulpIssueNEWHigh3. HighPackage Missing from repo metadataBen.StanleyYes Actions
1485Puppet SupportIssueNEWHigh3. HighTemplateDoesNotExist exception for '500.html' raised on v3 API endpointlastmikoiYes Actions
1736NectarIssueNEWHigh3. HighNectar fails to handle redirects to FTP gracefully.jcline@redhat.comYes Actions
1805RPM SupportIssueNEWHigh3. HighCompressed Groups Not Working With Mirror of Fedora 23jcapeYes Actions
1956PulpIssueNEWHigh3. High"Cleaning duplicate packages" fails after upgrading from 2.6.0 to 2.8.3.akegata@gmail.comYes Actions
2433PulpIssueNEWHigh3. HighRe-uploading results in old file still being servedehelms@redhat.comYes Actions
2582PulpIssueNEWHigh3. HighPipe leak in any parent Pulp celery process triggered by qpidd restartbmbouterYes Actions
2719CraneIssueNEWHigh3. HighNeed to choose a port, and ship SELinux policy for network connectionsIchimonji10Yes Actions
2793RPM SupportIssueNEWHigh3. Highapplicable rpms only show up if at least one errata is applicablejsherril@redhat.comYes Actions
2849Docker SupportIssueNEWHigh3. HighWorker terminates abnormally while processing taskipanova@redhat.comYes Actions
2961PulpIssueNEWHigh3. HighPulp 2.14 broken on Fedora 26Ichimonji10Yes Actions
1378Puppet SupportIssueNEWHigh3. Highv3 API endpoint not documented properlydkliban@redhat.comYes Actions
1072PulpIssueNEWHigh2. Mediumweird behaviour of content source refreshigulina@redhat.comYes Actions
1134Puppet SupportIssueNEWHigh2. MediumPublish module failure does not show traceback in "individual_errors" field of progress reportbmbouterYes Actions
1273NectarIssueNEWHigh2. MediumNectar returns invalid headers when a non-HTTP 200 occursjcline@redhat.comYes Actions
1420NectarIssueNEWHigh2. MediumTestcase random failureipanova@redhat.comYes Actions
1438Puppet SupportIssueNEWHigh2. MediumWarning of public key not installed for pulp-puppet-plugins on rhel7 for pulp 2.71.pthomas@redhat.comYes Actions
1525PulpIssueNEWHigh2. MediumFix progress rendering for --download-policy=background syncsjcline@redhat.comYes Actions
1550RPM SupportIssueNEWHigh2. Mediumpulp_distribution.xml fails to include a checksum or checksum type for the files it tracks.jcline@redhat.comYes Actions
1641PulpIssueNEWHigh2. Mediumunit.server.db.model.test_dispatch.TestScheduledCallSave.test_new is non-deterministicrbarlowYes Actions
1902RPM SupportIssueNEWHigh2. Mediumupload performance degrades as repo size increasesmhrivnakYes Actions
1907PulpIssueNEWHigh2. Mediumpython-pulp-streamer is not pulled with groupinstall pulp-server-qpidlhoraceYes Actions
1911RPM SupportIssueNEWHigh2. Mediumproductid.gz unit needs to be treated the same as other metadata filesdkliban@redhat.comYes Actions
2094RPM SupportIssueNEWHigh2. MediumMost DRPMs are missing after a syncjcline@redhat.comYes Actions
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