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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Tags Groomed Sprint Candidate
7036 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a user, I would like to be able to filter all publications for a given repository wibbit Yes No Actions
2286 File Support Task NEW Normal Add a travis task to fail when the plugin imports anything from pulp that isn't pulpcore.plugin semyers Yes Actions
2541 Puppet Support Task NEW Normal Consider removing Puppet 3 support mhrivnak Yes Actions
5394 Pulp Task NEW Normal Separate out building the pulpcore container image from building a plugin image CI/CD, Plugin Template Yes Yes Actions
6798 Pulp Task NEW Normal Document the new guidelines for plugin installation logic Yes No Actions
7638 Pulp Task NEW Normal Fix ansible_python_interpreter issues in pulp_installer Yes No Actions
7642 Pulp Task NEW Normal Update pulp_installer's list of supported Fedora releases Easy Fix Yes No Actions
8701 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a pulp_installer user, I can use the full logic to add repos to the system no matter which role I apply Yes No Actions
8702 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a user, the example-use playbook is not cluttered with object storage checks Easy Fix Yes No Actions
6797 Pulp Story ASSIGNED Normal [epic] As a user, I can consume all the plugin prereq roles in the installer. Yes No Actions
7733 Container Support Story POST Normal As a user I can use the image_builder in S3 deployments mdellweg mdellweg Yes No Actions
9498 Pulp Task POST Normal Rework RBAC content guard to work with roles mdellweg gerrod Yes No Actions
5232 Container Support Story NEW Normal As a user I can remove docker content units with a force flag Yes No Actions
7333 RPM Support Task NEW Normal Add two cross-repo dep solving repos to Pulp fixtures repo iballou Yes No Actions
9501 Pulp Task NEW Normal Mention upload objects are only for in progress uploads gerrod Documentation Yes No Actions
6660 Pulp Task POST Normal Add script for generating docs for python clients fao89 fao89 Yes Yes Actions
9499 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal As a developer, I have azurite on dev environment fao89 fao89 Dev Environment Yes No Actions
1132 Python Support Story MODIFIED Low As an API user, I can provide the package_names parameter as JSON Yes No Actions
4640 Maven Plugin Story NEW Normal As a user, I can upload a Maven Artifact into Pulp Yes No Actions
6953 Pulp Task POST Normal Build container that has pulpcore, pulp_python, and repositories with all Python deps mdellweg Yes Yes Actions
3424 File Support Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium FileContent relative_path is not validated daviddavis Yes Actions
6371 Pulp Task NEW Normal Add plugin writer docs for setting up a Repository daviddavis Documentation Yes No Actions
2936 Python Support Task MODIFIED Normal Add pep8speaks daviddavis dalley Yes No Actions
8741 RPM Support Story ASSIGNED Normal Full support for "static_context" in modulemd documents dalley ggainey Yes No Actions
3624 Python Support Story MODIFIED Normal As a user, I can as for only a reduced set of fields for large models like PythonPackageContent dalley dalley Yes No Actions
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