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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Tags Groomed Sprint Candidate
3613 Python Support Story NEW High Verify hashes, if one exists, during sync dalley Yes No Actions
2413 Pulp Task MODIFIED High Fix dev environment setup for Pulp 3.0 semyers semyers Yes Yes Actions
2479 Pulp Task MODIFIED High Update systemd tasking service files to use new Pulp 3 locations semyers fdobrovo Yes Yes Actions
2818 Pulp Task MODIFIED High Align existing code base with importer attributes from the MVP Yes Yes Actions
2866 Pulp Task MODIFIED High Generate auto-docs for the REST API and document it daviddavis bizhang Yes Yes Actions
2893 Pulp Task MODIFIED High Add Publication and Distribution models. Yes Yes Actions
2895 Pulp Task MODIFIED High As a user, I can have content served to me by Pulp Yes Yes Actions
2907 Pulp Task MODIFIED High Remove plugin API objects that are not used by core bmbouter bizhang Yes Yes Actions
2910 Pulp Task MODIFIED High Create a plugin writer's guide bizhang ttereshc Documentation Yes Yes Actions
2843 Pulp Story MODIFIED High As an authenticated user, I can create an Artifact by uploading a file Yes Yes Actions
2859 Pulp Story MODIFIED High As a developer, I have a template to create a new plugin ttereshc Plugin Template Yes Yes Actions
2872 Pulp Story MODIFIED High As an authenticated user, I can create a Content unit from one or more artifacts Yes No Actions
3017 Pulp Issue MODIFIED High 2. Medium RemoteArtifact contains all the calculated hashes instead of only ones available in a remote repo ttereshc Yes No Actions
2916 Pulp Task MODIFIED High Add Distribution serializer and viewset. Yes Yes Actions
2926 File Support Task MODIFIED High Align Importer attributes with MVP. Yes Yes Actions
2965 Pulp Story MODIFIED High As a user, I can use pulp_example plugin to import content Yes Yes Actions
2950 Pulp Refactor MODIFIED High Improve Custom Storage Backend for 3.0 Yes Yes Actions
2664 Pulp Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Workers Canceling Tasks on Startup Fail if the Broker is Down bmbouter Pulp 2 Yes Actions
3424 File Support Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium FileContent relative_path is not validated daviddavis Yes Actions
3835 Pulp CLI Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Pagination breaks when calling next on an object with no next page daviddavis Yes No Actions
4891 CertGuard Issue NEW Normal 1. Low The client side ssl cert for pulp should follow http header standards Fah Yes Yes Actions
5844 Nectar Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Sticky Heelz bestseo Yes Yes Actions
2286 File Support Task NEW Normal Add a travis task to fail when the plugin imports anything from pulp that isn't pulpcore.plugin semyers Yes Actions
2450 Pulp Task NEW Normal Create a plan for applicability calculation implementation ttereshc Yes Actions
2541 Puppet Support Task NEW Normal Consider removing Puppet 3 support mhrivnak Yes Actions
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