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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged
  Container Support 1 Collapse all/Expand all
5771 Container Support Story ASSIGNED Normal As a user i can sync in mirror mode lmjachky Actions
  Debian Support 1 Collapse all/Expand all
3811 Debian Support Task POST Normal Bootstrap pulp_deb for Pulp 3 mdellweg Actions
  File Support 1 Collapse all/Expand all
6016 File Support Issue ASSIGNED Normal 2. Medium pulp_file nightly builds are failing daviddavis lmjachky No Actions
  Pulp 13 Collapse all/Expand all
5871 Pulp Task POST Normal Pursue using libeatmydata / nosync to speed up Travis fabricio.aguiar Actions
5766 Pulp Task POST Normal ansible-pulp CI should test calling roles from dynamic "include_role" in addition to static "roles" fabricio.aguiar Actions
5763 Pulp Refactor POST Normal has repetitious logic that should be a function fabricio.aguiar Actions
5762 Pulp Story ASSIGNED Normal [Epic] CI Improvements Actions
5475 Pulp Task POST Normal Change molecule tests from f28 to f29 and f30 mdellweg Actions
4618 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Update Pulp RPMs to RC1 Actions
4616 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Fix build on Fedora 31 Actions
4611 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Eliminate any unneeded build & test dependencies of pulp Actions
4609 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Adapt ansible-pulp for the scenario of using the RPMs Actions
4607 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Make current set of RPMs & their packaging available Actions
4606 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Resolving any issues with RPM-installing the 3 RPMs & their dependencies Actions
4605 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Get all 3 RPMs packages & their dependencies to build Actions
4414 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Add pulpcore, pulpcore-plugin, and pulp_file to Fedora 30 bmbouter Actions
  RPM Support 8 Collapse all/Expand all
6009 RPM Support Story ASSIGNED Normal As a User, I can copy all content matching certain “search criteria” from one repo to another repo daviddavis daviddavis Actions
5992 RPM Support Issue ASSIGNED Normal 2. Medium ansible-pulp rpm plugin: Failed building wheel for PyGObject Failed building wheel for pycairo sdiepend No Actions
5934 RPM Support Task ASSIGNED Normal Implement API for applicability CodeHeeler CodeHeeler Actions
5737 RPM Support Task POST Normal Add support for reboot_suggested at advisory level at sync/publish time ttereshc ppicka Actions
5169 RPM Support Story POST Normal As a user I can upload modulemd-defaults ppicka ppicka Actions
5097 RPM Support Story ASSIGNED Normal As a user, I can manage content types provided by comps.xml fachleitner CodeHeeler Actions
5072 RPM Support Story POST Normal As a user I can upload modulemd and scan for present rpm packages ppicka ppicka Actions
4445 RPM Support Story POST Normal As a user, RPMs are published in Packages/ and sorted alphabetically ttereshc ppicka Actions

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