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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged Tags
4748 Python Support Test NEW Normal Improve Publications functional tests Actions
4659 Pulp Test NEW Normal Add RHEL to the ansible-pulp molecule CI Actions
4729 RPM Support Test NEW High Migration of modular content can fail (upgrade from <=2.16 to 2.17+) bherring Pulp 2 Actions
4730 RPM Support Test NEW High incremental publish of yum_repo_metadata_repo fails after upgrade from 2.18/2.19 to 2-master bherring Pulp 2 Actions
4824 RPM Support Test NEW High Pulp does not resync yum metadata files on change bherring Pulp 2 Actions
5055 RPM Support Test NEW High [EPIC] Ursine RPM Copy dependencies on modular RPMS from Default Modules needs to be added bherring Pulp 2 Actions
5320 RPM Support Test NEW High Module Streams not copying correctly with recursive and recursive_conservative bherring Pulp 2 Actions
4728 Pulp Test NEW High Task Cancellation doesn't interrupt/cancel a running task with Celery 4+ bherring Pulp 2 Actions
4257 RPM Support Test NEW Normal QueryExistingArtifacts stage does not prevent duplicates within a stream bherring Actions
4261 RPM Support Test NEW Normal Duplicated module dependnecy entries both after sync and after migration bherring Pulp 2 Actions
4537 RPM Support Test NEW Normal Pulp returns 200 when it fails to create rpm content bherring Actions
4907 RPM Support Test NEW Normal Re-work of pulp_sync_publish::PulpStreamerDecodeTestCase bherring bherring Pulp 2 Actions
4300 Pulp Test NEW Normal pulp_docker importer discards relevant exception details bherring Pulp 2 Actions
4301 Pulp Test NEW Normal As a user, I can filter plugin content types by repository versions bherring Actions
4385 Pulp Test NEW Normal Investigate rpm.api_v2.test_updateinfo.OpenSuseErrataTestCase.test_01_create_sync_publish after OpenStack move bherring Pulp 2 Actions
4462 Pulp Test NEW Normal /pulp/api/v3/ returns 500 error bherring Actions
4465 Pulp Test NEW Normal Lazy sync does not create additional RemoteArtifact objects bherring Actions
4466 Pulp Test NEW Normal The streamer needs to try all RemoteArtifact entires related to a ContentArtifact bherring Actions
4823 Pulp Test NEW Normal Modulemd profiles not getting removed from the consumer bherring Pulp 2 Actions
4538 File Support Test NEW Normal fetching a published PULP_MANIFEST throws a 404 if file repo version contains no units bherring Actions
4299 Container Support Test NEW Normal Remove duplicate tags from repository during sync bherring Actions
4461 Container Support Test NEW Low As a user i can configure download of the foreign layers bherring Actions
4115 Pulp Test NEW Normal Functionally test downloader concurrency restriction bmbouter Actions
4116 Pulp Test NEW Normal Functionally test force_close with HTTP 1.1 servers bmbouter Actions
4118 Pulp Test NEW Normal Test Downloader backoff on http error codes, e.g. 503 bmbouter Actions
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