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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged Tags
9233 RPM Support Issue NEW Low 2. Medium Downloaded content seems to be removed when a task fails lmjachky Yes Actions
9208 RPM Support Issue ASSIGNED Low 2. Medium Published .treeinfo metadata not matching expectations (remaining issues) dalley dalley Yes Actions
9191 Migration Plugin Issue NEW Low 1. Low Migrated advisories with dates-as-timestamps end up with start-of-epoch dates ggainey No Actions
9009 Pulp Issue NEW Low 2. Medium CacheBasicOperationsTestCase::test_04_basic_expires unit test fails intermittently Yes Actions
8992 RPM Support Issue NEW Low 3. High Memory usage when destroy repository; The memory leaks? wilful Yes Actions
8988 Pulp Issue NEW Low 2. Medium `pulpcore-worker` startup should remove old worker records bmbouter Yes Actions
8809 RPM Support Test NEW Low Better tests for metadata mirroring dalley Actions
8720 RPM Support Issue NEW Low 2. Medium Published RPM metadata isn't sorted properly dalley Yes Actions
8673 RPM Support Story NEW Low Auto-publishing should be more fault-tolerant Actions
8643 Debian Support Task NEW Low Rework the API docs quba42 Actions
8641 Debian Support Task NEW Low Review handling of ALLOWED_CONTENT_CHECKSUMS in the test pipelines quba42 Actions
8544 Debian Support Issue NEW Low 2. Medium Add some translation files to at least one test fixture. quba42 No Actions
8335 RPM Support Test NEW Low Need a new fixture - advisory, same date/version, intersecting-but-not-subset pkg-lists ggainey Actions
8225 File Support Task NEW Low Remove # coding=utf-8 from our tests ggainey Actions
8187 Pulp Issue NEW Low 2. Medium Can't use global checks in boolean expressions in policy ttereshc Yes Actions
7315 Debian Support Story NEW Low Adding RBAC (Role Based Access Control) support to pulp_deb quba42 Actions
7024 Debian Support Task NEW Low Add the ability to set per release/distribution descriptions quba42 Actions
6605 RPM Support Test NEW Low Re-enable test_sync_advisory_no_updated_date ppicka Actions
6425 RPM Support Test NEW Low Support compressed and uncompressed version of modules.yaml fao89 Actions
6349 RPM Support Test NEW Low Test that upload of RPM with large filelists does not throw an error fao89 Actions
6306 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Low Request EPEL8 versions of packages in the pulp-devel role Actions
4461 Container Support Test NEW Low As a user i can configure download of the foreign layers bherring Actions
4400 Container Support Story NEW Low As a user, I can download Foreign layers Actions
7756 Debian Support Issue NEW Low 2. Medium Content upload has different method-definintion than rpm/file/etc. mbucher No API Bindings, Katello Actions
7501 Pulp Task NEW Low Improve travis log output on migration-failures ggainey CI/CD Actions
6720 Pulp Issue NEW Low 2. Medium Pulpbot does not revisit a pr if the commit message changes mdellweg Yes CI/CD Actions
9259 RPM Support Task NEW Low workflow-docs should use pulp-cli instead of httpie ggainey Documentation Actions
7476 Pulp Task NEW Low [Docs] Improve plugin API reference section of the guide dalley Documentation Actions
8028 Debian Support Issue NEW Low 2. Medium Cannot sync Ubuntu repositories nhavens Yes Katello Actions
9447 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Write KCS for ACS ppicka ppicka Actions
9444 OSTree Support Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Escort Services in Janakpuri East chandaokelle No Actions
9443 Pulp Refactor POST Normal django.conf.urls.url() is deprecated, switch to django.urls.path() dalley dalley Actions
9440 Pulp Backport ASSIGNED Normal Backport #9427 "Sync for BaseOS for AlmaLinux or CentOS 8 Stream fails with 'DistributionTree' object has no attribute 'filename'" dalley dalley Yes Actions
9439 RPM Support Backport NEW Normal Backport #9438 "config.repo should include a "name" field" to 3.14.z dalley dalley No Actions
9438 RPM Support Issue POST Normal 2. Medium config.repo should include a "name" field dalley dalley No Actions
9435 RPM Support Task NEW Normal Update ACS docs to use the CLI ppicka Actions
9434 Container Support Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Unable to switch distribution from repository to repo version and vice versa Yes Actions
9430 Pulp Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium HTML directory listing for published repositories have no timestamps No Actions
9424 Container Support Refactor NEW Normal Remove the interrelate stage from the sync pipeline mdellweg Actions
9423 Pulp Test NEW Normal As a developer, I have azure tests fao89 Actions
9422 RPM Support Task POST Normal Create a fixture repo that has only metadata ppicka Actions
9419 Pulp Story ASSIGNED Normal As a plugin writer, I want to have a function for touching content units lmjachky lmjachky Actions
9415 Pulp Task NEW Normal revisit access policies to use auto role assignment mdellweg Actions
9414 Pulp Task NEW Normal remove django-guardian from the stack mdellweg Actions
9413 Pulp Task NEW Normal add viewsets to assign roles to users/groups mdellweg Actions
9412 Pulp Task NEW Normal Remove group permission endpoints mdellweg Actions
9411 Pulp Story POST Normal Implement roles models and facilities for auto-assignment and queryset-filtering mdellweg mdellweg Actions
9410 Pulp Story NEW Normal [EPIC] Roles for RBAC mdellweg Actions
9403 Container Support Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Pulp container does not validate container distribution base paths newswangerd Yes Actions
9398 RPM Support Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium No optimized syncs after a change to repo's remote? Yes Actions
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