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9005 Pulp Task NEW Normal pulp_installer's molecule CI should not always connect as root Actions
8848 Pulp Task NEW Normal pulp_installer to run CI against stable branches Actions
8469 Pulp Task NEW Normal Ensure the docker provider can be used for dev setups daviddavis Actions
7811 Pulp Task NEW Normal pulp_installer cron job runs functional tests for multiple plugins in FIPS mode Actions
7724 Pulp Task NEW Normal Improve runtime of new installation of Pulp bmbouter Actions
7668 Pulp Task NEW Normal remove pid files from the systemd service files Actions
7642 Pulp Task NEW Normal Update pulp_installer's list of supported Fedora releases Actions
7638 Pulp Task NEW Normal Fix ansible_python_interpreter issues in pulp_installer Actions
7575 Pulp Task NEW Normal pulp_installer's SELinux support should handle folder paths being changed Actions
7482 Pulp Task NEW Normal pulp_installer change(s) for Recommended installation layout Actions
7281 Pulp Task NEW Normal Update docs to state that installer can only install one cluster at a time Actions
6942 Pulp Task NEW Normal Update galaxy_ng docs for the pulp_installer install-from-rpm support Actions
6904 Pulp Task NEW Normal Document using for the installer bmbouter Actions
6798 Pulp Task NEW Normal Document the new guidelines for plugin installation logic Actions
6747 Pulp Task NEW Normal Demo video for pulp_installer fao89 Actions
6625 Pulp Task NEW Normal document the OSes the installer supports fao89 Actions
5889 Pulp Task NEW Normal Add upgrade information to the docs bmbouter Actions
4969 Pulp Task NEW Normal Improve documentation on the nginx and apache deployment offered by the Installer bmbouter Actions
6306 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Low Request EPEL8 versions of packages in the pulp-devel role Actions
7313 Pulp Task POST Normal The installer should be tested as a collection mdellweg Actions
9499 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal As a developer, I have azurite on dev environment fao89 fao89 Actions
9489 Ansible Plugin Task MODIFIED Normal Make use of shared_resources in sync and copy jobs mdellweg mdellweg Actions
9435 RPM Support Task MODIFIED Normal Update ACS docs to use the CLI ppicka daviddavis Actions
9355 Pulp Task MODIFIED High Create django 3.2 patch for Katello that allows md5 to be used even on FIPS systems bmbouter mdellweg Actions
9158 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal Remove any vestige of `USE_NEW_WORKER_TYPE` from the devel playbooks and the installer bmbouter mdellweg Actions
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