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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged
2665Docker SupportIssueNEWNormal2. MediumAPI documentation doesn't explain how to manage tagsIchimonji10No
2664PulpIssueNEWNormal2. MediumWorkers Canceling Tasks on Startup Fail if the Broker is DownbmbouterNo
2663ExternalTaskPOSTHighBackport #2621, Syncing an immediate repo with 'on_demand' overridden no longer populates the catalogmhrivnakmhrivnak
2662ExternalTaskASSIGNEDHighBackport #1982, force full
2661ExternalTaskPOSTHighBackport #1823, Verify RPM/SRPM/DRPM unit at its final locationmhrivnakttereshc
2660ExternalTaskASSIGNEDHighBackport #1158, As a user, I can force full/fresh publish of
2659PulpStoryNEWNormalAs a User I would like Pulp3 to not show me stale workers in the status apibizhang
2658PulpRefactorNEWNormalUpdate Pulp's apply_async function signature to conform with Celery'sbizhang
2657RPM SupportIssuePOSTNormal2. MediumPublishing iso_rsync_distributor fails when iso_distributor is published with serve_https==Falseyuzhengipanova@redhat.comYes
2656PulpStoryNEWNormalAs a plugin developer, I can declare what platform plugin API version(s) I support.semyers
2655RPM SupportIssuePOSTNormal2. Mediumunits_successful is empty for successful ISO assocaiting taskyuzhengipanova@redhat.comYes
2654PulpStoryNEWNormalAs a User I want Pulp3 to log the first 8 characters of a task id in every log statement emitted from a running taskbizhang
2653ExternalTaskPOSTNormalBackport #2124, Pulp status check leaves open Pipesmhrivnakmhrivnak
2652ExternalTaskPOSTNormalBackport #723, RPMs with large number of files can exceed mongo document size
2651ExternalTaskPOSTNormalBackport #2096, Additional updateinfo.xml after second publishmhrivnakttereshc
2650ExternalTaskPOSTNormalBackport #1839, sn.dat is succeptable to race conditionsmhrivnakbizhang
2649ExternalTaskPOSTNormalBackport #2575, As a user, I don't have to wait for migration 0020_nested_drpm_directory if there are no DRPMsmhrivnakmhrivnak
2648ExternalTaskPOSTNormalBackport #1724, Publish should be a no-op if no units and no settings have changed since the last successful
2647ExternalTaskPOSTNormalBackport #2503, remove_missing does not remove on_demand catalog entriesmhrivnakbizhang
2646ExternalTaskPOSTNormalBackport #2542, Streamer needs to try all available catalog entriesmhrivnakbizhang
2645ExternalTaskPOSTNormalBackport #2568, fix errata merge
2644Docker SupportIssuePOSTNormal3. Highpulp fails to correctly process WWW-Authenticate headersjrobson@forcepoint.comipanova@redhat.comYes
2643Docker SupportIssuePOSTNormal3. HighDKR1008: Could not find registry API at
2642RPM SupportIssueNEWNormal2. Medium--auth-ca parameter on repo creation not workinglennyYes
2641PulpTaskNEWNormalMove CI stuff to its own reposemyers
2639OSTree SupportIssueNEWNormal2. MediumUpgrade to 1.2.1 beta fails on fedora 24semyersYes
2638ExternalTaskASSIGNEDNormalFix pulp_rpm migrations 33-39 for downstream due to out-of-order migrations appliedttereshcttereshc
2637Debian SupportStoryNEWLowAs a user, I'm able to import Debian packages with their dependencies represented
2636PulpTaskNEWNormalPlanning: design pulp3 approach to task
2635PulpTaskNEWNormalPlanning: determine which fields are mutable on each
2634PulpTaskNEWNormalAdd information about error reporting to dev guidesemyers
2632PulpStoryNEWNormalAs a developer I want to reevaluate worker issues to see if they have been resolved by moving from Celery3 to Celery4bizhang
2631PulpTaskNEWNormalMake a testing environment for long-term testing of Pulp performancebmbouter
2630PulpIssueON_QAUrgent1. Lowdisassociate_units updates last_unit_removed timestamp even if no units are removedsemyerssemyersNo
2629RPM SupportIssueNEWNormal2. Mediummax_speed param does not work in yum_importer.jsoncroberts1984Yes
2628Puppet SupportIssueNEWNormal2. MediumSyncing a puppet repo that doesn't have a feed doesn't fail gracefullyipanova@redhat.comYes
2627RPM SupportIssueMODIFIEDNormal2. MediumUploading drpm by pulp-admin with --checksum-type failsyuzhengbizhangYes
2626RPM SupportStoryNEWNormalAs a user, I can upload updateinfo XML to a repository to generate errata.semyers
2625Docker SupportStoryNEWNormalAs a user, I can sync content trusted manifests
2624Docker SupportStoryNEWNormalAs a user, I can verify blobs checksum during
2623RPM SupportIssueON_QAHigh2. MediumErrata publish performace degradation ttereshcsemyersYes
2622RPM SupportIssueON_QAHigh2. MediumSync fails when non-ASCII characters are present in primary.xmlttereshcttereshcYes
2621RPM SupportIssueMODIFIEDNormal3. HighSyncing an immediate repo with 'on_demand' overridden no longer populates the catalog jsherril@redhat.comjortel@redhat.comYes
2620RPM SupportIssueON_QAHigh3. HighAll RPM repo searches are brokenIchimonji10ttereshcYes
2619PulpStoryNEWNormalNeed a file-system integrity report for /var/lib/
2618Docker SupportIssueNEWNormal2. Medium"blob" files are delivered with incorrect content headersIchimonji10Yes
2617PulpTaskNEWLowReevaluate Jenkins build notifications in IRCsemyers
2616PulpIssueNEWNormal2. Mediumafter sync with remove_missing option the next publish is no-op sometimesttereshcYes
2615PulpIssueMODIFIEDNormal2. MediumScheduled calls support broken for Celery4+Kombu4bmbouterdalleyYes
2614RPM SupportRefactorNEWNormalAllow PulpCodedException to propagate during upload to relay error
2613PulpIssueASSIGNEDHigh2. MediumBroker reconnect support brokenbmbouterdalleyYes
2612PulpStoryNEWNormalAs a developer, I `vagrant up` into a rawhide boxbmbouter
2611PulpIssueNEWNormal2. Mediumtask system crashes with qpid + ssl unless client certs are providedmhrivnakYes
2610PulpStoryNEWNormalAs a developer, I can use psmash to run a single testbmbouter
2608CraneTaskMODIFIEDNormalUpdate crane installation and configuration
2606Puppet SupportIssueMODIFIEDHigh2. MediumFix the ability to forge importer to mirror upstream repository on syncttereshcttereshcYes
2605PulpIssuePOSTNormal3. HighOvirt, Openstack | Malformed repository: metadata is missing for some packages in filelists.xml and in other.xmlpulp-issues@lagis.atfdobrovoYes
2603PulpIssueNEWNormal3. HighSearch API does weird filtering on associationmihai.ibanescu@gmail.comYes
2602Docker SupportStoryNEWNormalAs a user, I want docker repos to have "mirror on sync"
2599RPM SupportIssueON_QALow2. MediumDeprecation warning in the logs during errata migrationttereshcttereshcYes
2598PulpTaskNEWNormalpostgresql 9.3+ has --data-checksumsjcpunk
2597PulpTaskNEWNormalUpdate the build docs to reflect plugin specific changes needed in Redminettereshc
2596Docker SupportTaskNEWNormalAdd missing target release versions in Redmine and set them to the relevant issues/storiesttereshc
2595PulpStoryNEWNormalBeing able to set a retry for failed tasks would make pulp more robust and turnkeykfiresmith
2594OSTree SupportStoryNEWNormalAs a User I want Pulp OSTree to create a new unit for each commit version on a
2593RPM SupportIssueNEWLow1. LowSingle-package error during sync is not being propogated up through the CLIdalleyYes
2589PulpIssueASSIGNEDNormal3. HighPulp 2.13 nightly fails to start on RHEL 7.3Ichimonji10ttereshcYes
2588PulpIssueNEWNormal2. MediumPulp Gets Stuck On A Particular Mirrorehelms@redhat.comYes
2585PulpIssueMODIFIEDNormal2. MediumBugs fixed in version link is not correct for pluginsbizhangttereshcYes
2584PulpIssueON_QANormal2. MediumMongo cursor times out during task pulp.server.managers.content.orphan.delete_all_orphansmhrivnakttereshcYes
2582PulpIssueNEWHigh3. HighPipe leak in any parent Pulp celery process triggered by qpidd restartbmbouterYes
2581Puppet SupportIssueMODIFIEDNormal1. LowUpdate puppet release notes through 2.13.0semyersbizhangYes
2580RPM SupportIssueNEWNormal2. MediumTruncated iso file when os runs of out spacejluzaYes
2579PulpStoryNEWNormalDisabling duplicate
2578PulpTaskNEWNormalSupport for pulp 2.12omps
2575RPM SupportStoryMODIFIEDNormalAs a user, I don't have to wait for migration 0020_nested_drpm_directory if there are no
2574Puppet SupportIssueNEWLow1. Lowpulp-admin sometimes errors when watching tasksIchimonji10Yes
2571PulpTaskNEWNormalPlan repo groups for Pulp 3mhrivnak
2570PulpStoryNEWNormalAs a user, I can turn off the deferred download
2569RPM SupportIssueNEWNormal1. Lowallowed_keys documented as wrong typermcgoverYes
2567RPM SupportStoryNEWNormalAs a user, I can quickly propogate one package change from one Pulp to another
2561Python SupportIssueASSIGNEDHigh2. Mediumpulp_python 2.0 new features are not documentedsemyersamacdona@redhat.comYes
2560RPM SupportIssueON_QANormal2. MediumNon-unique collection names in erratum pkglists causes yum not to show all packagesttereshcsemyersYes
2559RPM SupportIssueON_QAHigh3. HighEmpty pkglist for the erratum may be generated which may cause yum not to find applicable packagesttereshcttereshcYes
2558RPM SupportStoryNEWNormalAs a user, I can skip SRPMs when syncing a yum repository.semyers
2557PulpStoryNEWNormalAs a user, the pulp-admin CLI should give me well organized help textjluza
2555PulpStoryNEWNormalAs a developer, I want all supported platforms in vagrantsysadmind
2554Python SupportIssueNEWNormal2. Mediumclient side exception when removing python package from repositorydkliban@redhat.comYes
2553PulpIssueNEWNormal2. MediumUnable to sync isolinux and efi directorysklavYes
2552OSTree SupportIssueON_QANormal2. Mediumupdating ostree rpm gives error on sync: LibError: GLib.Error('No such file or directory', 'g-io-error-quark', 1)tomckay@redhat.comjortel@redhat.comYes
2551PulpIssueON_QANormal2. MediumPulp task error messages should be more informativetomckay@redhat.comjortel@redhat.comYes
2549PulpTaskASSIGNEDNormalDo we have a support policy on architectures?
2548PulpStoryMODIFIEDNormalAs an administrator, I can configure how pulp logssysadmindsysadmind
2546PulpTaskNEWNormalVagrant development environment should not use UTC
2544OSTree SupportIssueON_QANormal2. Mediumcopy always matches every unit in the repomhrivnakjortel@redhat.comYes
2543RPM SupportIssueMODIFIEDNormal2. MediumRPM Importer swallows exception when one is raised during uploaddalleyfdobrovoYes
2541Puppet SupportTaskNEWNormalConsider removing Puppet 3 supportmhrivnak
2538PulpStoryNEWNormalSearch paths other than EL defaults for configurationsysadmind
2536CraneIssueASSIGNEDNormal2. Mediumerror for docker pull of non-existent tag not cleartomckay@redhat.comdaviddavis@redhat.comYes
2535PulpTaskNEWNormalAdd heartbeat recording for httpdbmbouter
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