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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged
199 Pulp Story NEW Normal Need a way to tell if a Pulp server repo is out of sync with another Pulp server Actions
197 RPM Support Story NEW Low [RFE] Add support for ftp feeds to RPM repositories Actions
196 Puppet Support Story NEW Low pulp-admin puppet install and update don't have a --force flag Actions
195 Pulp Story NEW Low [RFE] The ISO sync progress report should include user-friendly error messages instead of machine friendly messages rbarlow Actions
194 Pulp Story NEW Low [RFE] Add the ability to schedule publishing to the ISO section of the admin client rbarlow Actions
193 Pulp Story NEW Normal [RFE] consumer group CLI should support errata and package group install Actions
192 Pulp Story NEW Low [RFE] should allow query parameters rbarlow Actions
190 Pulp Story NEW Normal [RFE] The ISOImporter should be able to resume downloads rbarlow Actions
188 Pulp Story NEW Normal RFE: For "rpm repo sync schedules" commands, make repo-id optional when schedule-id exists Actions
187 Pulp Story NEW Low [RFE] The ISO client could easily give an ETA when syncing rbarlow Actions
186 Pulp Story NEW Normal RFE: --all option for "rpm repo sync schedules delete" Actions
185 Pulp Story NEW Normal RFE: API for searching both units and repo associations Actions
184 Pulp Story NEW Normal [RFE] Add flag to pulp-admin rpm repo uploads rpm command which removes the ascii progress bar. Actions
183 Pulp Story NEW Low [RFE] pulp.plugins.config.PluginCallConfiguration.get_boolean() should accept a default parameter rbarlow Actions
182 Pulp Story NEW Normal [RFE] Ability to schedule repo copy operations Actions
181 Pulp Story NEW Low RFE: sync status listing for all repositories Actions
179 Pulp Story NEW Low Enhancement request: Please allow for multiple --from-repo-id's in repo copy commands Actions
178 Pulp Story NEW Normal [RFE] Consider support for validating unit profiles Actions
176 Pulp Story NEW Low [RFE] Refactor config.get_boolean to raise ValueError when it can't parse a boolean from its input rbarlow Actions
173 Pulp Story NEW Low RFE: ability to keep repository histories or package changes as version control Actions
172 Pulp Story NEW Normal [RFE] Allow authentication of users against LDAP Group objects Actions
171 Pulp Story NEW Normal RFE: torrent support for cds syncing, to reduce latency/bandwidth/time for cds groups to sync from the pulp server Actions
170 Pulp Story NEW Low [RFE] Need functionality to get a list of "newest" packages Actions
169 Pulp Story NEW Normal RFE: Wildcard support for id related activities Actions
167 Pulp Story NEW Normal [RFE] new consumers do not auto subscribe to already bound consumer group repos Actions
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