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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged
394 Pulp Issue NEW Normal Wrong status code for Upload API Yes Actions
393 Pulp Issue NEW Normal unit filters are ignored if type IDs are not specified Yes Actions
392 Pulp Issue NEW Low GET works in different way for Upload and rest of API items Yes Actions
391 Pulp Issue NEW Low pulp-consumer exits(0) when registering a system already registered Yes Actions
390 Pulp Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium doesn't apply the same permissions to /etc/pki/pulp/ as the RPM rbarlow Yes Actions
389 Pulp Issue NEW Low 1. Low If the server's SSL certificate is changed after pulp-admin has authenticated, pulp-admin breaks ungracefully rbarlow Yes Actions
388 Pulp Issue NEW Low 1. Low pulp-qpid-ssl-cfg doesn't set correct selinux permissions for generated certs Yes Actions
387 Pulp Issue NEW Normal Pulp Distributors should not be created using the distributor_typ_id as the distributor_id bcourt Yes Actions
385 Pulp Issue NEW Normal 1. Low Our base Model class indexes the id field as a unique field by default, causing duplicate indexes on at least one model rbarlow Yes Actions
384 RPM Support Issue NEW Low RPM requirements with a version but no release show the release as "0" mhrivnak Yes Actions
383 RPM Support Issue NEW Normal 1. Low pulp-admin fails to give detailed information of a distribution Yes Actions
382 Pulp Issue NEW Low No documentation of qpid consumer agent interface available Yes Actions
380 Pulp Issue NEW Low Role - different id in request and response pbartiko Yes Actions
379 Pulp Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium No error when criteria inside request body lack the required type_ids (when unassociating this results in an empty repository) Yes Actions
378 Pulp Issue NEW Low missing bindings attribute in a consumer object Yes Actions
377 Pulp Issue NEW Normal discrepancy in task object _href attribute when listing task from /task_groups/ vs /tasks/ Yes Actions
376 RPM Support Issue NEW Low Not able to update relative-url to default Yes Actions
375 Pulp Issue NEW Normal Error handling when iso repo sync fails for not providing feed certs does not indicate why its failing. Yes Actions
372 Pulp Issue NEW Normal 1. Low pulp-admin rpm repo content rpm with the RHEL 6 repository uses too much RAM rbarlow Yes Actions
371 Pulp Issue NEW Low Errata install should mention that no package was installed when there is none applicable. Yes Actions
369 Pulp Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Pulp does not return an error when uploading an ISO named PULP_MANIFEST rbarlow Yes Actions
368 Pulp Issue NEW Normal consumer status reports that its registered to a new server if you change the server without unregistering from another Yes Actions
366 Pulp Issue NEW Low 1. Low Error message when the user aleady exists should say user already exists Yes Actions
365 Pulp Issue NEW Low wrong value in repoid when uninstalling using pulp-admin Yes Actions
364 Pulp Task NEW Low A platform unit test loads real entry points for installed plugins, which can fail rbarlow Actions
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