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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged Tags
5433 RPM Support Story NEW Normal As a user, I can do a one-shot upload of custom repository metadata ttereshc Actions
5467 File Support Test NEW High Test - sync does not report non-fatal errors properly kersom Actions
5532 Pulp Story NEW Normal Task.error includes traceback for fatal download exceptions Actions
5538 File Support Task NEW Normal Add and test_bindings.rb scripts to pulp_file Actions
5545 Container Support Story NEW Normal Feature request: whitelist upstreams joeydumont Actions
5556 RPM Support Story NEW Normal As a user, I can view sub repositories daviddavis Actions
5618 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a user, I can download & run a version of the ansible installer that a specific version of Pulp 3 Actions
5641 Pulp Task NEW Normal Update PR checklist to cover actual needs ppicka Documentation Actions
5653 Pulp Test NEW Normal Test invalid URL when trying to sync with repository url with no dot in hostname kersom Actions
5685 RPM Support Test NEW Normal Add PackageEnvironment to fixtures CodeHeeler Actions
5691 Pulp Test NEW Normal Provide a test for RepositoryVersionDistribution in pulpcore dalley Actions
5694 Pulp Story NEW Normal http_proxy via environment cassell Actions
5744 RPM Support Task NEW Normal Ensure required fields are always set on the models ttereshc Actions
5762 Pulp Story ASSIGNED Normal [Epic] CI Improvements CI/CD Actions
5805 RPM Support Test NEW Normal A test scenario for an upload of a single RPM package lmjachky Actions
5807 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Re-consolidate the docs with each other and the plugin template dalley Documentation Actions
5823 Container Support Task NEW Normal Ensure recursive add and remove is not impacted by values_list() Actions
5828 Pulp Task NEW Normal Document how to validate data in plugin writer guide bmbouter Documentation Actions
5832 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a developer, ansible-pulp will provide me with the cool postgres WebGUI CI/CD Actions
5858 Pulp Task NEW Normal Add memory/performance tips to the plugin writer's guide ttereshc Documentation Actions
5886 Pulp Task NEW Normal Have the pulpcore tests build+install the latest bindings so the tests can use them bmbouter Actions
5889 Pulp Task NEW Normal Add upgrade information to the docs bmbouter Documentation Actions
6042 Pulp Task NEW Normal CI should test against both latest and stable openapi-generator CI/CD Actions
6064 File Support Task NEW Normal Add user docs on how to export a file publication to the filesystem daviddavis Documentation Actions
6100 Pulp Story NEW Normal Pulp should calculate and provide information about the size of repos to the user. StephenW Wishlist Actions
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