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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged Tags
4652 Infrastructure Task NEW Normal CI infrastructure requirements Actions
8933 Pulp Task NEW Normal Create a project checklist daviddavis Actions
8687 Pulp Story NEW Normal DeclarativeVersion API doesn't accomodate metadata mirroring use cases dalley Actions
6747 Pulp Task NEW Normal Demo video for pulp_installer fao89 Actions
4974 Pulp Test NEW Normal Docker - Checksum constraint error when syncing a package kersom Actions
4975 Pulp Test NEW Normal Docker - Test if creating duplicate content results in 400 kersom Actions
4973 Pulp Test NEW Normal Docker - Test sync with different download policies kersom Actions
6798 Pulp Task NEW Normal Document the new guidelines for plugin installation logic Actions
6904 Pulp Task NEW Normal Document using for the installer bmbouter Actions
9569 Pulp Task NEW Normal Eliminate all instances when Pulp writes to /tmp and always use the worker working directory ttereshc Actions
2239 Packaging Task NEW Normal Ensure all 3.0 dependencies are packaged Actions
8960 Pulp Task NEW Normal Ensure that pulp imports can run concurrently with orphan cleanup daviddavis Actions
8777 Pulp Task NEW Normal Evaluate need for index on content app's auto-distribute queries gerrod Actions
8934 Pulp Task NEW Normal Figure out migration tooling needed for the migration daviddavis Actions
7638 Pulp Task NEW Normal Fix ansible_python_interpreter issues in pulp_installer Actions
6567 Pulp Task NEW Normal Gracefully handle failed imports daviddavis Actions
5886 Pulp Task NEW Normal Have the pulpcore tests build+install the latest bindings so the tests can use them bmbouter Actions
9430 Pulp Story NEW Normal HTML directory listing for published repositories have no timestamps Actions
5694 Pulp Story NEW Normal http_proxy via environment cassell Actions
7114 Pulp Story NEW Normal Improve Artifact upload experience wibbit Actions
7724 Pulp Task NEW Normal Improve runtime of new installation of Pulp bmbouter Actions
9670 Pulp Story POST Normal In an access policy for reposiroty versions repository permissions should be able to be checked mdellweg Actions
6928 Pulp Task NEW Normal Measure Pulp's ability to scale to high #s of client requests dalley Actions
8849 Pulp Task NEW Normal Move pulpbot to matrix in pulp-meeting room Actions
8707 Pulp Story NEW Normal Nuget Support gripson Actions
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