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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged Tags
9450 Pulp Issue ASSIGNED Normal 2. Medium Add Selinux Policy for Pulpcore and Squid jamesmarshall24 No SELinux Actions
9447 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Write KCS for ACS ppicka ppicka Actions
9446 Pulp Backport NEW Normal Backport #8133 "Same package from different repos yields error on sync" to 3.9.z No Katello Actions
9430 Pulp Story NEW Normal HTML directory listing for published repositories have no timestamps Actions
9424 Container Support Refactor NEW Normal Remove the interrelate stage from the sync pipeline mdellweg Actions
9423 Pulp Test NEW Normal As a developer, I have azure tests fao89 Actions
9419 Pulp Story ASSIGNED Normal As a plugin writer, I want to have a function for touching content units lmjachky lmjachky Actions
9415 Pulp Task NEW Normal revisit access policies to use auto role assignment mdellweg Actions
9414 Pulp Task NEW Normal remove django-guardian from the stack mdellweg Actions
9413 Pulp Task POST Normal add viewsets to assign roles to users/groups mdellweg Actions
9412 Pulp Task NEW Normal Remove group permission endpoints mdellweg Actions
9411 Pulp Story POST Normal Implement roles models and facilities for auto-assignment and queryset-filtering mdellweg mdellweg Actions
9410 Pulp Story NEW Normal [EPIC] Roles for RBAC mdellweg Actions
9397 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a user I want to be able to rotate my encryption keys and rekey my informations spredzy Actions
9389 Pulp Task NEW Normal Add a proxy test daviddavis CI/CD Actions
9383 Pulp Story NEW Normal As an administrator, I'd like the ability to easily delete content from pulp wibbit Wishlist Actions
9378 RPM Support Backport NEW Normal Backport sql-performance fixes for dep solving to 3.14.z ttereshc Yes Katello Actions
9367 Pulp Issue NEW Normal 3. High pulpcore 3.15 depends on cryptography 3.4.z, which is not available on EL7 evgeni Yes Actions
9365 RPM Support Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Missing release notes - pulp-rpm (fix nightly jobs?) wibbit Yes Documentation Actions
9362 RPM Support Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Mirroring rpm repositories with sha1 metatdata fails maartenb Yes Actions
9361 Pulp Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Missing release notes - pulpcore wibbit Yes Documentation Actions
9352 Container Support Issue NEW Normal 3. High filesystem layer verification failed for digest sha256 while pulling image from pulp rakeshcn Yes Actions
9348 Ansible Plugin Story POST Normal As a user, I can sync content with a GitRemote without saving Artifacts daviddavis Actions
9347 Ansible Plugin Story NEW Normal As user, I can sync roles using a GitRemote daviddavis Actions
9344 Ansible Plugin Story NEW Normal [EPIC] As a user, I can sync content from git daviddavis Actions
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