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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged Tags
7327 Container Support Story NEW Normal Deploy container api as a separate task (microservice) mdellweg Actions
7315 Debian Support Story NEW Low Adding RBAC (Role Based Access Control) support to pulp_deb quba42 Actions
7313 Pulp Task POST Normal The installer should be tested as a collection mdellweg CI/CD Actions
7309 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a user, I have docs on how to run a multi-user Pulp system bmbouter Documentation Actions
7307 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal serve the TLS certificate and certificate authority at /certs/ Actions
7297 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a user, I can perform an import without creating the destination repo(s) in advance daviddavis Actions
7287 Debian Support Story NEW Normal As a user I want to create arbitrary structured publications quba42 Actions
7286 Container Support Story NEW Normal As a user I can push content to the repo but make it available later Actions
7281 Pulp Task NEW Normal Update docs to state that installer can only install one cluster at a time Actions
7279 Debian Support Test NEW Normal Add a test that uploads a "minimal" Debian package. quba42 Actions
7278 Container Support Task NEW Normal Disable cherry-picking on our git repo Actions
7271 Pulp Story NEW Normal Enable swagger-ui drf-spectactular view alikins Actions
7269 Pulp Backport NEW Normal This is a test request bmbouter Actions
7262 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a plugin maintainer, I can use the release automation without updating regex for Beta/GA ttereshc Actions
7253 RPM Support Test NEW Normal Create new fixture and test to copy package environments and categories ppicka Actions
7247 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a pulp_installer developer-user, the pulp_rpm signing service will be installed for me Actions
7229 Pulp Task POST Normal publish plugin documentation at duck Actions
7227 Pulp Story NEW Normal Permission checking newswangerd Actions
7204 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a user i have a view to enumerate all available content guards mdellweg Actions
7201 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a user I can set http connection timeout and read timeout bmbouter Katello Actions
7180 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a user, I can see the user who dispatched a task on the Task bmbouter Actions
7178 Pulp Task POST Normal Recommended installation layout ekohl Dev Environment, Documentation, Katello, SELinux Actions
7175 RPM Support Task NEW Normal Not all images are created as Image instances for a distribution tree ttereshc Actions
7170 Pulp Story NEW Normal As an admin, i want to serve the api docs as static content mdellweg Actions
7127 Pulp Story NEW Normal Add object labels newswangerd Actions
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