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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged
3439 Pulp Task NEW Normal Update Jenkins Jobs to not use Ansible Installer bmbouter Actions
3437 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal Delete the ansible installation section from the Pulp3 docs and consolidate source+pypi install sections bmbouter bmbouter Actions
3436 File Support Issue NEW Normal 3. High Creating duplicate content results in 500 IntegrityError Yes Actions
3434 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal Expose "" to plugins dalley dalley Actions
3432 Pulp Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Misleading documentation (or bug?): update a distributor twaugh Yes Actions
3431 Python Support Story NEW Normal Create CLI reference documentation dalley Actions
3430 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal Document worker commands themselves in install doc bmbouter dalley Actions
3429 Python Support Issue NEW Low 2. Medium Use the field "" provided by pulpcore dalley Yes Actions
3428 File Support Task MODIFIED Normal Update content unit creation so it takes only a relative_path and artifact href Actions
3426 Pulp Task MODIFIED Normal Remove task tagging code Actions
3424 File Support Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium FileContent relative_path is not validated Yes Actions
3421 Ansible Plugin Story NEW Normal Github rate limits requests Actions
3420 Pulp Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Not able to access documentation endpoint kersom milan Yes Actions
3419 File Support Task MODIFIED Normal Lacking AUTHORS and COPYRIGHT file dalley CodeHeeler Actions
3418 Pulp Issue ASSIGNED Normal 2. Medium I shouldn't be able to delete a content unit used by a repo version CodeHeeler Yes Actions
3417 RPM Support Story NEW Normal As a user, I have a with documentation in it bmbouter Actions
3416 Pulp Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium Pulp 3 Jenkins jobs use the development webserver Ichimonji10 Yes Actions
3415 Pulp Story NEW Normal As a plugin writer, the HttpDownloader's automatically support metalink 4.0 support bmbouter Actions
3412 Pulp Issue MODIFIED Normal 2. Medium Trailing slash in distribution base_path causes breakage (Pulp 3) Ichimonji10 Yes Actions
3411 RPM Support Issue ON_QA Normal 2. Medium Document Implications that Pulp2 does not support metalink for rpm syncing bmbouter bmbouter Yes Actions
3410 File Support Issue MODIFIED Low 1. Low Rename content field "path" to "relative_path" kersom Yes Actions
3409 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Write unit tests for task code dalley Actions
3408 Docker Support Story NEW Normal Model Manifest List Content bizhang Actions
3407 Packaging Task MODIFIED Normal Upgrade the Celery stack that Pulp ships on EL7 to Celery + Kombu 4.x dalley pcreech Actions
3406 Pulp Issue MODIFIED Normal 2. Medium /var/cache/pulp should not be required by pulp workers Yes Actions
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