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5054 Pulp Task NEW Normal Add pydocstyle to pulp_file daviddavis Actions
5057 Pulp Task NEW Normal As a user, I have javascript bindings bmbouter Actions
5066 Pulp Task NEW Normal Improve the "Change from Pulp2" docs bmbouter Actions
5073 Pulp Task NEW Normal Add pre-commit to plugin_template daviddavis Actions
5100 Pulp Task NEW Normal Provide a way for plugins to associate tasks with a specfic resource ttereshc Actions
5107 Pulp Task NEW Normal Add a Makefile template to make it easier to run common plugin commands daviddavis Actions
5122 Pulp Task NEW Normal test ansible-pulp PRs using playbooks for pulpcore, pulp_file, and ansible-pulp Actions
5148 Python Support Task NEW Normal Enable black in travis CodeHeeler Actions
5149 Python Support Task NEW Normal Enable test_bindings in travis CodeHeeler Actions
5175 Pulp Task NEW Normal pulp-operator should auto-publish to Actions
5212 Pulp Task NEW Normal Test against postgresql 9.6 and 10 daviddavis Actions
5233 Pulp Task NEW Normal pulplift box does not restart pulp-worker@0 Actions
5259 Pulp Task NEW Normal Add and test_bindings.rb scripts Actions
5354 RPM Support Task NEW Normal Travis PR test runner needs to be able to skip certain tests every time, leaving them for the nightly run that runs all tests. bmbouter Actions
5364 Container Support Task NEW Normal add ability to specify registry when generating fixtures Actions
5393 Pulp Task NEW Normal [Epic] plugin-template should let plugins publish their container images, based on a pulpcore image Actions
5395 Pulp Task NEW Normal Add container image publishing to plugin-template Actions
5396 Pulp Task NEW Normal Build & Publish the all-in-one "pulp" image Actions
5399 Ansible Plugin Task NEW Normal Ensure ContentVersionFilter can use DRF sorting on inherited fields bmbouter Actions
5404 Pulp Task NEW Normal Container CI testing shouldn't install packages onto the pulp-api container Actions
5420 Pulp Task NEW Normal add dependabot to pulpcore-plugin Actions
5424 Ansible Plugin Task NEW Normal Remove the Galaxy V2 API bmbouter Actions
5437 Pulp Task NEW Normal plugin_template config needs to allow 'post_install_script' and 'pre_install_script' Actions
5460 Pulp Task NEW Normal Investigate sync performance bmbouter Actions
5524 Ansible Plugin Task NEW Normal Collaborate with `ansible-galaxy collection` developers to sign signature Collection content upon build and publish bmbouter Actions
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