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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged Tags
9172 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Ensure the installer no longer starts the resource manager bmbouter fao89 Actions
9353 Pulp Refactor ASSIGNED Normal Disable DJANGO_ALLOW_ASYNC_UNSAFE for tasking system dalley dalley Actions
9419 Pulp Story ASSIGNED Normal As a plugin writer, I want to have a function for touching content units lmjachky lmjachky Actions
9208 RPM Support Issue ASSIGNED Low 2. Medium Published .treeinfo metadata not matching expectations (remaining issues) dalley dalley Yes Actions
9335 RPM Support Issue ASSIGNED High 4. Urgent Huge memory consumption when performing depsolving-enabled copies dalley ggainey Yes Actions
9350 RPM Support Issue ASSIGNED Normal 2. Medium gpgkey value created for .repo file wrongly has two slashes after hostname; fails to verify signature jxsxs dalley Yes Actions
9362 RPM Support Issue ASSIGNED Normal 2. Medium Mirroring rpm repositories with sha1 metatdata fails maartenb dalley Yes Actions
9406 RPM Support Issue ASSIGNED High 3. High Trivial OOM on sync for a particular Microsoft repo dalley dalley Yes Actions
9422 RPM Support Task ASSIGNED Normal Create a fixture repo that has only metadata ppicka Actions
5762 Pulp Story ASSIGNED Normal [Epic] CI Improvements CI/CD Actions
4831 Pulp Story ASSIGNED Normal As a user, I have docs on how to delete content daviddavis ggainey Documentation Actions
5807 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Re-consolidate the docs with each other and the plugin template dalley Documentation Actions
6696 Pulp Issue ASSIGNED Normal 2. Medium pulp_installer fails to run "Collect static content" task when pulp_source_dir is set ironfroggy Yes Documentation Actions
8789 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Take down readthedocs sites wibbit Documentation Actions
9251 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Update ACS workflow docs to use the cli daviddavis daviddavis Documentation Actions
8939 Pulp Story ASSIGNED Normal Add token authentication to pulpcore gerrod gerrod GalaxyNG Actions
8750 Pulp Issue ASSIGNED High 3. High Deadlock on rpm repository pulp2pulp sync wibbit ggainey Yes Katello Actions
8997 Pulp Issue ASSIGNED High 2. Medium Ensure that Pulp can function without Redis dalley lmjachky Yes Katello Actions
9304 Pulp Story ASSIGNED Normal As a user, I can configure https proxy using https:// ttereshc bmbouter Katello Actions
7043 Pulp Story ASSIGNED Normal As a user, I have pulp_installer compile and install the pulpcore-selinux policy SELinux Actions
6677 Ansible Plugin Task POST Normal Split the import_collection task into two tasks to reduce the amount of time the repository lock is held bmbouter fao89 Actions
9404 Ansible Plugin Issue POST Normal 2. Medium V3 unpaginated sync fails when trying to sync a collection version not present. gerrod No Actions
6745 Container Support Issue POST Normal 2. Medium image_build 'artifacts' are not found during build time Yes Actions
7733 Container Support Story POST Normal As a user I can use the image_builder in S3 deployments mdellweg mdellweg Actions
7266 Debian Support Issue POST Normal 2. Medium Add tests to ensure all control file fields present in an upstream package index will be present in pulp_deb quba42 No Actions
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