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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged Tags
4607 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Make current set of RPMs & their packaging available CI/CD Actions
4609 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Adapt ansible-pulp for the scenario of using the RPMs CI/CD Actions
4611 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Eliminate any unneeded build & test dependencies of pulp CI/CD Actions
4616 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Fix build on Fedora 31 CI/CD Actions
4618 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Update Pulp RPMs to RC1 CI/CD Actions
5762 Pulp Story ASSIGNED Normal [Epic] CI Improvements CI/CD Actions
6547 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal pulp_installer: Add variables for molecule prepare.yml to clone the branches CI/CD Actions
5393 Pulp Task NEW Normal [Epic] plugin-template should let plugins publish their container images, based on a pulpcore image CI/CD, Plugin Template Actions
8097 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Create a pulp2-nightly-pulp3-source-centos7-fips box ttereshc Dev Environment Actions
6696 Pulp Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium pulp_installer fails to run "Collect static content" task when pulp_source_dir is set ironfroggy Yes Documentation Actions
7773 Pulp Issue ASSIGNED Normal 2. Medium pulp_installer fails to install redis due to no EPEL7 No Katello Actions
7043 Pulp Story ASSIGNED Normal As a user, I have pulp_installer compile and install the pulpcore-selinux policy SELinux Actions
2876 Packaging Task NEW Normal Package Pulp 3 dependencies pcreech pcreech Actions
8186 Pulp Issue NEW Normal 2. Medium systemctl show-environment fails without sudo on Centos rob.wagner76 ppicka Yes Actions
7986 Pulp Story ASSIGNED Normal As a user, I can evaluate a “what-if scenario” by generating a report of impacted content from a set of user provided checksums (not from ALLOWED_CONTENT_CHECKSUMS) daviddavis ppicka Actions
8278 RPM Support Issue ASSIGNED Normal 2. Medium As user I can see checksum type and content id when pulp refuse to publish ppicka ppicka Yes Actions
7988 Pulp Story POST Normal As a user, I get an error message when I try to create a publication with any content with a checksum that is not in ALLOWED_CONTENT_CHECKSUMS daviddavis ppicka Actions
6703 Pulp Task ASSIGNED Normal Document that users should not run makemigrations but file a bug instead ttereshc ttereshc Documentation Actions
7887 Migration Plugin Issue ASSIGNED Normal 2. Medium If orphaned content is removed in pulp 2 between migration re-runs, FileNotFoundError is raised ttereshc ttereshc No Katello Actions
7889 Migration Plugin Issue ASSIGNED Normal 2. Medium Handle migration when same distributor is being re-used for different repositories in between the plans ttereshc No Katello Actions
138 Python Support Story NEW Low As a user, I can express how many old versions of a package to keep during sync rbarlow Actions
2887 Python Support Story NEW Low As a User, I can upload a python package to a repository from twine Actions
4400 Container Support Story NEW Low As a user, I can download Foreign layers Actions
4461 Container Support Test NEW Low As a user i can configure download of the foreign layers bherring Actions
6935 Migration Plugin Issue NEW Low 2. Medium Validation failure reports incorrect resources if there are multiple distributors specified ttereshc Yes Actions
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