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# Project Tracker Status Priority Severity Subject Author Assignee Triaged Tags
2382 Pulp Story NEW Normal Replace MissingResource exception with a subclass of rest_framework.exceptions.APIException Actions
7808 Pulp Story NEW Normal Store mirror configurations on the remote data model newswangerd Actions
8734 Debian Support Story NEW Normal Synchronize translation files quba42 Actions
9099 Pulp Story NEW Normal task created_resources provides hrefs, but no guidance on how to determine the type from the href Documentation, Katello Actions
5532 Pulp Story NEW Normal Task.error includes traceback for fatal download exceptions Actions
6811 Pulp Story NEW Normal Unexpected behavior modifying non-linear repository versions cottsay Actions
9354 Pulp Refactor NEW Normal Disable DJANGO_ALLOW_ASYNC_UNSAFE for content app dalley Actions
9309 RPM Support Refactor POST High Add support for new memory-efficient createrepo_c parsing method dalley dalley Actions
9353 Pulp Refactor ASSIGNED Normal Disable DJANGO_ALLOW_ASYNC_UNSAFE for tasking system dalley dalley Actions
9443 Pulp Refactor POST Normal django.conf.urls.url() is deprecated, switch to django.urls.path() dalley dalley Actions
7352 Pulp Refactor NEW Normal Provide a better abstraction for customizing downloader behavior dalley Wishlist Actions
6529 Pulp Refactor NEW Normal Pulp 3 may be using Django in an unsafe way (with async) dalley Actions
8577 Container Support Refactor NEW Normal Refactor get_dr_push so it is more readable Actions
9424 Container Support Refactor NEW Normal Remove the interrelate stage from the sync pipeline mdellweg Actions
2892 Packaging Refactor NEW Normal use of 'sudo' not ideal in ansible task Pulp 2 Actions
4838 Pulp Test NEW Normal [Epic] Test Distribution and AutoDistribution features from core bmbouter Actions
5055 RPM Support Test NEW Normal [EPIC] Ursine RPM Copy dependencies on modular RPMS from Default Modules needs to be added bherring Actions
5805 RPM Support Test NEW Normal A test scenario for an upload of a single RPM package lmjachky Actions
4703 Container Support Test NEW Normal Add a test for syncing from quay, gcr and redhat registries Actions
7279 Debian Support Test NEW Normal Add a test that uploads a "minimal" Debian package. quba42 Actions
5685 RPM Support Test NEW Normal Add PackageEnvironment to fixtures CodeHeeler Actions
4659 Pulp Test NEW Normal Add RHEL to the ansible-pulp molecule CI Actions
7441 Debian Support Test NEW Normal Add test coverage for per repository version uniqueness constraints quba42 Actions
8973 RPM Support Test NEW Normal Add test for modular RPM detection dalley Actions
6901 Debian Support Test NEW Normal Add test to check validity of distributed repos quba42 Actions
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